Tales of Boomtown Glory is a collection of the complete lyrics from Bob Geldof’s Boomtown Rats and solo albums, accompanied by an introduction and 25 song stories written by Geldof, and exclusive scans from his notebooks over the years. The stories provide a witty and honest account of the background, inspiration and context of the songs. Lyrics to the 188 songs include previously unreleased material as well as the upcoming 2020 Boomtown Rats album. 

“This man is more in charge of the English language than anyone I’ve ever met.” Bono, musician

“What set the Rats apart was the strength and intelligence of Geldof’s writing. It should be in every anthology of late 20th Century Irish literature.” Joseph O’Connor, novelist

“His songs historically will be looked back on as incredibly important things” Jools Holland, musician, broadcaster