Team Strings 2: Double Bass has been specially written to support almost any combination of string instruments the teacher may encounter. This second series is further enhanced by titles from the world of jazz and blues and offers opportunities to develop playing, compositional and improvisational techniques. Imaginative Piano Accompaniments have been provided as well as helpful notes and clear ensemble scores to aid the teacher. Team Strings 2: Double Bass also includes all of the scales for the relevant Grades set by the major examination boards.

The Team series is suitable for use with both individuals or as a group tutor encouraging students to try ensemble playing from the early stages. All of the books in the series are fully integrated allowing students using Team Strings to play in ensembles with students using Team Woodwind, Team Percussion, Team Recorder and Team Brass. Team Strings 2 follows directly on from the original Team Strings series and similarly is a flexible and adaptable course designed for beginner cello players. The tutor can be tailored to suit the specific needs of each student. Each piece is carefully graded to ensure a logical progression at a sensible pace and students are introduced to a wide variety of musical styles throughout the book.