That Crazed Smile for Violin, Cello and Piano by Charlotte Bray.

This work was composed in 2016 and first performed on 20th October 2014 at Landshut, Rathausprunksaal, Germany, by the Oberon Trio.

Commissioned by Oberon Trio.

Programme Notes

Commissioned by the Oberon Piano Trio, That Crazed Smile, is inspired by Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. It is a fantasy piece set within a dream-like world.

Set at night under the light of the moon, the piece moves through a dreamy section before reaching a gripping spellbound section, as if the fairies are deviously casting spells onto the lovers in their dreams. Tightly controlled, the music continuously varies small motifs and melodies, spinning around on itself. The foolishness and self-delusion of the lovers can be felt.

This work may tie performed alongside Those Secret Eyes, which is loosely inspired by Shakespeare's Macbeth. The two plays are linked by themes of dream versus reality, and night versus day: problems arise in the day, and are relieved at night through dreaming.

- Charlotte Bray

Performance Notes

String indications, bowing and fingering marks are suggestions only.

Duration: 5 minutes