The ultimate guide to playing saxophone, by NY jazz artist Tim Armacost — for anyone from beginners to professionals.

Rooted in practical skills and going far beyond theory, The Jazz Saxophone Book will improve your ability to construct beautiful, flowing solo lines.

The book includes access to over 30 videos of the author demonstrating ideas in the book and hundreds of examples of solo phrases by the masters of jazz saxophone.

For the beginning improviser, we cover:
• Creative ways to work on sound, time and building a jazz vocabulary
• Connecting your soloing with your internal singing voice
• Foundational jazz harmony - what you need to know!

For intermediate players, the book offers:
• In-depth treatment of jazz harmony, with copious examples from the masters of the tradition
• Ideas for becoming a musical storyteller
• Skills needed to show up at a jam session and confi dently perform a tune

For more advanced players, the book discusses:
• Using advanced harmony to build and release tension
• Taking jazz vocabulary, harmony and form into the realm of freedom
• How to practice efficiently to become a well-rounded, continually improving soloist