Paul Harris’s ground-breaking and inspirational new approach encourages teachers to explore and transform how they teach. Paul identifies and reimagines the barriers or ‘conditions’ that can stand in the way of effective teaching, to allow for the most immersive and positive learning experience. Written in Paul’s accessible and engaging style, ideas are tackled from both a practical and psychological perspective, rooted in Paul’s renowned Simultaneous Learning methodology. For teachers of all disciplines and learners of all ages, this seminal book will begin your journey towards an unbounded, unconditional way of teaching.

Unconditional Teaching is in my view one of those potentially transformative “best books about teaching”, and I would encourage every instrumental teacher to make a priority of reading it. A miniature masterpiece, a profoundly rewarding read: I quite simply cannot recommend Unconditional Teaching highly enough!

Andrew Eales, review, January 2022

Whether you’re a new teacher, or an experienced one, this book is a must-read. Prepare to be both challenged and inspired; everything you take from it will enrich and enhance your teaching. This is the book I wish I’d read before I taught my very first lesson, but it’s of no less value now.

David Barton,, April 2022