Viola Basics is a landmark method by two of the leading figures in music education. Comprising pupil’s tutor book with online audio and downloadable teacher’s accompaniments, Viola Basics provides everything you need to get playing. This book starts at absolute beginner level and progresses to Grade 1. 

Step-by-step technical progression is supported by fun exercises and warm-ups, alongside a wide range of imaginative repertoire, helpful fact files and rhythm boxes. Music theory and general musicianship activities help students to become well-rounded musicians. 

This method book really does what it sets out to achieve with great clarity – the step by-step descriptions of the physical side of playing are pedagogically very sound, and clearly expressed in words and illustrations... This is an excellent core first book for beginners in a variety of teaching situations and reinforces via games and illustrations the kind of postural advice that is an integral part of playing, alongside clear explanations of music theory, so parents could help on those days in between lessons. Featuring thoughtful technical progression and a wide range of repertoire, this book is highly recommended. 

Helen Tuckey, Stringendo, April 2024