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Title Year Description Duration Composer
Spring Cadenzas2021solo violin and orchestra14Derek Bermel
We Two Boys2019baritone and piano13Derek Bermel
We Two Boys2019baritone voice, clarinet and piano13Derek Bermel
Mango Suite2017solo soprano and orchestra25Derek Bermel
Over Algiers2016violin and piano9Derek Bermel
Intonations2016string quartet21Derek Bermel
Murmurations2015solo violin and string orchestra21Derek Bermel
Death with Interruptions2014piano trio18Derek Bermel
Four Homages2014solo piano4Derek Bermel
Under the Polders2014chamber ensemble of 3 players4Derek Bermel
Short History of the Universe (as related by Nima Arkani-Hamed), A2013clarinet quintet18Derek Bermel
Hyllos2013incidental music for chamber ensemble of 7 players30Derek Bermel
Dragon Blue2012chamber ensemble of 7 players (Western and Chinese instruments)12Derek Bermel
Orbit Design20123 or more performersvariableDerek Bermel
Mar de Setembro2011mezzo-soprano and chamber orchestra13Derek Bermel
Ritornello2011concerto for electric guitar and string orchestra13Derek Bermel
Violin Etudes2010solo violin8Derek Bermel
Itaparica2010medium voice and piano3Derek Bermel
Canzonas Americanas2010chamber ensemble of 17 players17Derek Bermel
Swing Song2009solo flute, flute ensemble of 12 players and 2 percussion6Derek Bermel
Shout, a Whisper and a Trace, A2009chamber orchestra17Derek Bermel
Good Life, The2008soprano and baritone soloists, SATB chorus and orchestra40Derek Bermel
Cabaret Songs2007soprano and chamber ensemble of 3 players30Derek Bermel
Golden Motors2007music-theatre work in 2 acts100Derek Bermel
Passing Through2007string quartet6Derek Bermel
Elektrokosmos2007electric gtrDerek Bermel
Soul Garden2007viola and string orchestra13Derek Bermel
Elixir2006orchestra9Derek Bermel
Turning Variations2006piano and orchestra18Derek Bermel
Migration Series, The2006jazz big band and orchestra32Derek Bermel
Twin Trio2005chamber ensemble of three players18Derek Bermel
In Tangle2005brass ensemble and percussionDerek Bermel
Fetch2004speaking pianist9Derek Bermel
Funk Studies2004solo piano12Derek Bermel
Kontraphunktus2004piano4Derek Bermel
Tied Shifts2004chamber ensemble of 6 players15Derek Bermel
Thracian Sketches2003solo clarinet8Derek Bermel
Language Instruction2003chamber ensemble of four players15Derek Bermel
Slides2003orchestra17Derek Bermel
Tag Rag2003orchestra4Derek Bermel
Catcalls2003brass quintet10Derek Bermel
Ends, The2002orchestra6Derek Bermel
Sting, The2002narrator and orchestra15Derek Bermel
Thracian Echoes2002orchestra20Derek Bermel
Three Rivers2001chamber ensemble of 12 players14Derek Bermel
At the End of the World2000tenor (or soprano) and piano4Derek Bermel
Soul Garden2000viola & string quintet13Derek Bermel
Natural Selection2000baritone and chamber ensemble of 15 players15Derek Bermel
Nature Calls2000baritone and piano15Derek Bermel
Coming Together1999clarinet and cello6Derek Bermel
Manifest Destiny1998baritone and chamber ensemble of 5 players6Derek Bermel
Music for Caucasian Chalk Circle1998songs and incidental music for the play by Bertolt Brecht70Derek Bermel
Voices1997clarinet & orchestra18Derek Bermel
Old Songs for a New Man1997baritone and ensemble11Derek Bermel
Continental Divide1996chamber ensemble of 16 players11Derek Bermel
Hot Zone19962 singers and large ensemble of 17 players6Derek Bermel
Turning1995piano16Derek Bermel
Oct Up1995double string quartet8Derek Bermel
Wanderings1994wind quintet10Derek Bermel
SchiZm1994clarinet & piano, or oboe and piano9Derek Bermel
Dust Dances1994orchestra11Derek Bermel
Theme and Absurdities1993solo clarinet4Derek Bermel
Two Songs from Nandom1993solo organ4Derek Bermel
String Quartet1992string quartet7Derek Bermel
Dodecaphunk1992piano3Derek Bermel
Three Funk Studies1991piano5Derek Bermel
Sonata Humana1991bass clarinet and piano13Derek Bermel
Mulatash Stomp1991violin, clarinet & piano7Derek Bermel
Ides March1990Wind band5Derek Bermel
Sextet for Strings1988string sextet8Derek Bermel
Ein Gedirecorder and piano10Derek Bermel
Child's War, Achildrens' choir and pianoDerek Bermel