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Title Year Description Duration Composer
Summer & Smoke2023ballet in one act60Michael Daugherty
Harp of Ages2023solo harp and orchestra30Michael Daugherty
Passacaglia in Primary Colors2023symphonic wind band7Michael Daugherty
The Adventures of Jesse Owens2023symphonic wind band12Michael Daugherty
Lift Up Thine Ears2021/arr. 2022symphonic wind band20Michael Daugherty
Valley of the Moon2022orchestrac30Michael Daugherty
Fifteen: Symphonic Fantasy Inspired by the Art of Andy Warhol2022orchestra25Michael Daugherty
Lift Up Thine Ears2021orchestra20Michael Daugherty
Last Dance at the Surf2021orchestra15Michael Daugherty
Hear the Dust Blow2021solo harp7Michael Daugherty
Six Riffs after Ovid2021solo oboe13Michael Daugherty
Blue Electra2021solo violin and orchestra24Michael Daugherty
Made for You and Me: Inspired by Woody Guthrie2020adaptable band5Michael Daugherty
To the New World2019orchestraMichael Daugherty
Songs from a Silent Land2019soprano and wind ensemble18Michael Daugherty
Sea Fever2018unaccompanied SATB chorus4Michael Daugherty
Creature from the Black Lagoon2018unaccompanied SATB chorus5Michael Daugherty
Chartless2018unaccompanied SATB chorus6Michael Daugherty
Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea2018unaccompanied SATB chorus3Michael Daugherty
Water is Taught by Thirst2018unaccompanied SATB chorus4Michael Daugherty
Ferry Me Across the Water2018unaccompanied SATB chorus5Michael Daugherty
Mississippi Sequenza2018unaccompanied SATB chorus6Michael Daugherty
Night Owl2018orchestra20Michael Daugherty
Writ in Water2018unaccompanied SATB chorus30Michael Daugherty
Of War and Peace2017wind band13½Michael Daugherty
This Land Sings2016soprano, baritone, small chamber ensemble and optional radio announcer60 or 90Michael Daugherty
The Lightning Fields2015trumpet/flugelhorn and piano20Michael Daugherty
Rio Grande2015orchestraMichael Daugherty
Rio Grande2015wind bandMichael Daugherty
Winter Dreams2015concert band8Michael Daugherty
Reflections on the Mississippi2015tuba and wind band22Michael Daugherty
Tales of Hemingway2015cello and orchestra28Michael Daugherty
Vulcan2014concert band12Michael Daugherty
Dreamachine2014solo percussion and orchestra30Michael Daugherty
Prayer2014two horns and pianoMichael Daugherty
Steamboat2014saxophone quartet5Michael Daugherty
Labyrinth of Love2013soprano, winds, piano, percussion and double bass40Michael Daugherty
Fallingwater2013violin and string orchestra22Michael Daugherty
Reflections on the Mississippi2013tuba and orchestra20Michael Daugherty
American Gothic2013orchestra22Michael Daugherty
On the Air2012wind band6Michael Daugherty
Viva2012solo violin3Michael Daugherty
The Gospel According to Sister Aimee2012organ, brass and percussion16Michael Daugherty
Labyrinth of Love2012soprano and small chamber orchestra40Michael Daugherty
Buffalo Dance2012solo piano5Michael Daugherty
Evangelist Drowns, An2012solo organ4Michael Daugherty
Lost Vegas2011wind band14½Michael Daugherty
On the Air2011orchestra6Michael Daugherty
Lost Vegas2011orchestra14½Michael Daugherty
Radio City2011orchestra20Michael Daugherty
Passage to Petra2011solo bassoon, strings and percussion6Michael Daugherty
Bells for Stokowski2002symphonic wind band14Michael Daugherty
Rosa Parks Boulevard2001Symphonic wind band12Michael Daugherty
U.F.O.2000Solo percussion & wind band40Michael Daugherty
The High and the Mighty2000Piccolo and piano7Michael Daugherty
Niagara Falls1997Symphonic wind ensemble10Michael Daugherty
Jackie's Song1996solo cello and chamber ensemble of 5 players8Michael Daugherty
Motown Metal1994large brass ensemble7Michael Daugherty
Dead Elvis1993bassoon and chamber ensemble of 6 players10Michael Daugherty
Krypton from Metropolis Symphony1993Orchestra7Michael Daugherty
Red Cape Tango from Metropolis Symphony1993Orchestra13Michael Daugherty
Bizarro1993Symphonic wind band9Michael Daugherty
Red Cape Tango1993Symphonic wind band13Michael Daugherty
Desi1991Symphonic wind band6Michael Daugherty
Lex from Metropolis Symphony1991orchestra10Michael Daugherty
Firecracker1991oboe and chamber ensemble of 6 players14Michael Daugherty
Viola Zombie19912 violas7Michael Daugherty
Oh Lois! from Metropolis Symphony1989Orchestra6Michael Daugherty
Bounce19882 bassoons8Michael Daugherty
Metropolis Symphony1988-93Orchestra41Michael Daugherty
Mxyzptlk from Metropolis Symphony19882 flute soloists and orchestra7Michael Daugherty
Snap!1987chamber ensemble of 16 players (or chamber orchestra)7Michael Daugherty