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Programme Notes

Yoik II alternates between flows of fluid material and halting, stuttering, percussive passages. 


I had a vision of flying with a skein of geese, the fluid material is how I imagined it might feel to belong to a large group of these birds in mid-flight, aerodynamic and high above the earth.


The stuttering passages are an urgent communication, as if from adult birds to their young who are dispersing from the group: calling them back into the fold. These passages focus on rhythm, texture, dancing and a quality of earthiness: perhaps imitating the sound of an African thumb piano - and like a call back down to earth.

Tansy Davies

Yoik II

recording from Sound festival premiere

BBC Radio 3 (United Kingdom)

Ruth Morley

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Yoik II

No Venue (Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom)

Ruth Morley