8 Singers: KING (Bar)/ISABEL (S)/GAVESTON/STRANGER (Bar)/MORTIMER (T)/BOY/YOUNG KING (High T/Haute-contre)/WITNESS 1/SINGER 1/WOMAN 1 (High Col S)/WITNESS 2/SINGER 2/ WOMAN 2 (M)/ WITNESS 3/MADMAN (BBar) 2(I+II=picc).2.ebcl.2(I=A+ebcl.II=A+basset horn).bcl.3(III=cbsn) – 4.2(I+II=ptpt).2.btrbn.cbtrbn.0 – perc(4): 2 crot/6 t.bells/2 gongs/4 timp/2 bongos/2 SD/talking drum/2 tombaks/2 TD/2 tumbas/BD/claves/5 tgl/2 tamb/3 susp.cym/whip/2 pairs of machine cast/2 vibraslaps/4 guiros – 2 harps – cel – cimbalom – strings (suggested double basses require low C extensions)


Full score 0571541097, vocal score 0571540546 and text 0571540554 on sale, full score and parts for hire

Lessons in Love and Violence

Philharmonie (Paris, France)

Orchestre de Paris/Stéphane Degout/Gyula Orendt/Georgia Jarman/George Benjamin/Toby Spence/dir. Dan Ayling