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‘the purely musical elements of the work are what grabbed me: the rippling figures for piano and cello that spin out in crazed, cyclic riffs; the crystalline piano harmonies that sound as if the wind were rustling the chimes in the pagoda; the feisty, industrialized propulsive bursts in the finale.  The audience responded with a prolonged ovation for this bold new piece.’
The New York Times (Anthony Tommasini), 21 March 2010
‘Toward the end of the third movement, the piano texture thins out, to single tolling high notes, and the cello slides up the register to a hushed, poignant whistle.  Close your eyes, and you might almost think you were hearing someone gliding a moist finger around the rim of a water glass, just before a finale full of wild, euphoric glissandos.  It’s a moment of tender genius, the product of a fanciful and tragic sensibility.’
New York Magazine (Justin Davidson), 2 April 2010

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Les eaux only

Yellow Barn (Putney, VT, USA)

Dominic Cheli, Macintyre Taback

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