2 picc(both=fl) - 2.ptpt.1.0.0 - perc(1): 3 susp.cym/2 tgl/SD - strings (66442)


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Programme Notes

A Mind of Winter is a setting of ‘The Snow Man’ by the American poet Wallace Stevens. A contemporary of Eliot and Pound, he lived most of his life in New England, and it is only in recent years that his true stature as a poet has been widely acclaimed. Two things immediately appealed to me about ‘The Snow Man’ - the abundance of beautiful winter imagery within its compact frame, and the deep ambiguity of its meaning. In this setting, the frozen, snow-covered terrain is depicted by an immobile four-part A minor chord on muted strings; suspended cymbals and multidivided string glissandi portray icy gusts of wind. Various individual aspects of the scene are suggested by other instruments - a solo oboe, woodwind in groups of two or three players, two lyrical horns. At the centre of the landscape stands the solitary Snow Man – a muted piccolo trumpet - around whom the soprano weaves slow, angular phrases whilst beholding ‘Nothing that is not there and the nothing that is’.

© George Benjamin

A Mind of Winter

Boulez Saal (Berlin, Germany)

Finnegan Downie Dear, Berlin Staatskapelle, Sarah Aristidou

A Mind of Winter

BBC Composer of the Week: George Benjamin.

BBC Radio 3 (United Kingdom)

Penelope Walmsley-Clark, London Sinfonietta, George Benjamin, BBC Symphony Orchestra, Oliver Knussen, Bejun Mehta, NDR Chor, NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchester

A Mind of Winter

National premiere of Dance Figures

Konserthuset (Stockholm, Sweden)

Susanna Andersson, Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, Christian Karlsen

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A Mind of Winter

Open Rehearsal

De Geerhallen, Louis de Geer Konsert & Kongress (Norrköping, Sweden)

Norrköping Symphony Orchestra, Christian Karlsen, Susanna Andersson

A Mind of Winter

Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall (Tokyo, Japan)

Josep Pons, Claire Booth, NHK Symphony Orchestra