2222 - 2000 - strings


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Programme Notes

This necklace of fragments, transcriptions and recompositions is my little homage to the world’s greatest composer. All the material comes in one way or another from Mozart: principally unfinished or sketched pieces. I kept away from orchestral pieces, concentrating on music for piano, wind band or string ensemble, to allow myself a little more room to orchestrate freely (although I did steal one or two Mozartian hallmarks: divided violas, horn pedals and so on). I set these transcriptions into the harmonic structure of Figaro Act 4 (which also gave me the title), keeping the fragments in Mozart’s original keys. Near the middle of the piece is a gentle march in D minor originally intended for The Magic Flute, and towards the end is my orchestra transcription of Busoni’s piano transcription of the Fandango from Figaro superimposed on the G minor piano Gigue. 'The theatre Represents a Garden: Night' was commissioned by the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightment for the Mozart Now Festival. The piece is dedicated to Stephen Plaistow in recognition of his work for music at the BBC.

© John Woolrich

Theatre Represents a Garden: Night, The

Morley College (London, United Kingdom)

Charles Peebles, Morley Chamber Orchestra

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Theatre Represents a Garden: Night, The

St Mary's Church, Osterley (London, United Kingdom)

Hounslow Symphony Orchestra, Scott Wilson

Theatre Represents a Garden: Night, The

Dorchester Abbey (Dorchester-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom)

Orchestra of St John's, John Lubbock

Theatre Represents a Garden: Night, The

No Venue (Pori, Finland)

Pori Sinfonietta, Thomas Kemp

Theatre Represents a Garden: Night, The

West Road Concert Hall (Cambridge, United Kingdom)

John Lubbock, Orchestra of St John's