1 treble viol(=bass viol).2 tenor viol.2 bass viol


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Upon Silence

BBC Composer of the Week: George Benjamin. Written on Skin excerpts only.

BBC Radio 3 (United Kingdom)

George Benjamin, London Sinfonietta, Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Susan Bickley, Fretwork

Upon Silence

Grand Auditorium, Maison de Radio France (Paris, France)

Sarah Breton, SIT FAST

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Upon Silence

Hall Barocker Stadtsaal (Hall in Tirol, Tirol, Austria)

Emilie Renard, Hathor Consort

Upon Silence

Fondation Singer-Polignac (Paris, France)

Anaïs Bertrand, Ensemble Maja, Bianca Chilemi

Upon Silence

Chapelle Corneille (Rouen, Haute-Normandie, France)