Shooting at the Moon celebrates the music of Kevin Ayers, one of the great bohemian voices of British music. Kevin Ayers was an English singer-songwriter who was a major influential force in the English psychedelic movement and a founding member of the band Soft Machine in the 60s.
Due for publication in November, this book has been lovingly curated by his daughter Galen and includes all the highly literate, witty and wise lyrics from Ayers’ solo career alongside pages from his notebooks, exclusive photographs, Ayers’ own collages and the occasional recipe. With introductions by Galen Ayers, John Payne and Robert Wyatt.
Shooting at the Moon documents a period of the UK music scene between Psychedelia and Glam Rock and welcomes us into the world of this influential cult singer-songwriter.
I've got no ambition, guess I'm out of place
Cos I'd rather go fishing than run in the race.
Extract from ‘Am I Really Marcel?’  from Falling Up by Kevin Ayers
My father never had the desire to create a ‘music career’. Instead, he was busy synthesising his daily experiences into songs full of wit, poignant insights and whimsy.’ Galen Ayers
Galen, I don’t know anything of value—all the best of me, I’ve given to my songs. You’re better off listening to them than to me.’ Kevin Ayers
Galen Ayers said: ‘It has taken me the best part of 5 years to get Kevin’s musical legacy in order, and this book is set to be the crown jewel of the estate… Editing and curating this book I revisited, remembered and clarified many ‘unsolved mysteries’ that were missing in my understanding of my father’s life-narrative, and this has proven both transformative and necessary.’