The Complete Chopin – A New Critical Edition from Edition Peters is firmly established as the most important ongoing scholarly edition of Chopin’s music and is a must for any discerning pianist. The world’s foremost Chopin editors, under Editor-in-chief John Rink, bring their unrivalled collective knowledge to imbue the project with unique authority, drawing upon the latest international scholarship. The Complete Chopin prioritizes the needs of the practical pianist and provides a beautifully presented performing text of each work based on a single principal source together with important variants, along with thorough critical commentaries and illuminating prefatory essays in English, French and German.

Chopin’s etudes occupy a central position in piano literature. Prized by generations of the greatest pianists as the supreme examples in the genre, their reputation rests on their not only challenging specific aspects of a pianist’s technique, but also for being great music, transcending the genre of mere ‘study’.

In this edition of opus 10 (the earlier of Chopin’s two main sets of studies, ending with the famous 'Revolutionary' etude), pianist and scholar Roy Howat presents a new edition which addresses the many errors in the very poorly engraved first French edition of 1833 – an edition that nevertheless included many important revisions made at proof stage. Basing each Etude on either the first French edition or the autograph manuscript from which it was engraved, Howat has produced an Urtext edition that corrects many longstanding errors, sometimes for the first time, as well as showing authentic variant readings by Chopin, some of them never before published. Sources are clearly distinguished, avoiding a ‘conflated’ text while presenting a clear and reliable performing edition, ideal for all who aspire to play these cornerstones of piano repertoire in an informed way.