Do you believe that some people can sight-read and others just can’t?

In How to sight-read, Paul Harris dispels this and other common misconceptions about sight-reading, presenting instead the idea of sight-reading as a technique that can be developed and learned by anyone. He breaks down the fascinating science behind sight-reading as well as providing practical advice and exercises that can be incorporated into both lessons and practice.

The engaging activities in the book are supported by a unique accompanying web app enabling readers to improve key areas of sight-reading technique including rhythm, pattern recognition, and brain processing speed.

Written to help students, parents and teachers alike, How to sight-read challenges existing perspectives on sight-reading and presents an innovative new approach to teaching and learning this vital musical skill.

‘This book has elevated sight-reading practice to the next level, using a fresh, fun approach that blends solid vision, science principles, and 21st-century technology.’
Debra Grant BSc (Hons) MCOptom

‘Paul Harris has offered the concept that sight-reading is simply a technique that can be easily learnt by us all... This is a mustread for music students and teachers.’
John Hutchins, Director Junior Academy and LRAM, Royal Academy of Music

“Harris has the wonderful skill of being able to distill complex information and present it with simple (but not simplistic) clarity, making accessible a deeper understanding of the topics he addresses. This book provides another excellent example of this, the author’s several decades of research and experience in the field of sight-reading brought to life with assured confidence and genuine insight.” Andrew Eales,