***Winner of Educational Publication of The Year at the 2022 Presto Music Awards***

Paul Harris: The Clarinet is the seminal guide to every facet of clarinet playing. In this comprehensive companion, acclaimed author Paul Harris shares his unique insights towards gaining mastery of the instrument, inspiring both students (from intermediate level) and professionals alike to develop an individual clarinet personality.

In-depth, clear and universally relevant, The Clarinet is Paul Harris’s complete philosophy of playing, equipping clarinettists with innovative ways to overcome the instrument’s technical, musical and practical challenges and ultimately, enhance the enjoyment of their art.

Chapter by chapter Harris reveals how each aspect of playing is interdependent, from posture and preparing to play to the science of sound production. Practical exercises target each area, covering breathing, embouchure, articulation and finger-work, and sit alongside a plethora of excerpts from the clarinet canon. An all-encompassing approach, Harris discloses his expert advice on stylistic performance through to instrument maintenance, supported by diagrams and illustrations. Including a unique map of clarinet dynasties, recordings and repertoire timings, The Clarinet leads the player on a path of limitless learning, from practice to performance.

“This book is a wonderful addition to the clarinet community. Understanding the mysteries of the clarinet helps bring us closer to the instrument.” Karl Leister, Clarinettist

"This book is nothing short of essential reading for anyone learning the clarinet… when reading, you can easily imagine being in a lesson with a great teacher…  This is the ‘ultimate companion’, and the level of detail matches this description." Paul Saunders, Music Teacher Magazine, July 2022

'Harris has included in his big clarinet book an amazing amount of precious information useful to both intermediate level students and professional players. He offers his deeply inspiring insights, philosophy of playing, and expertise throughout the many chapters in order to improve skills and guide the clarinetist to fully enjoy the art of playing.'
Luigi Magistrelli, The Clarinet (the International Clarinet Association Magazine), September 2023