A new Urtext critical edition of Chopin's numerous Préludes, edited by Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger.
Chopin's twenty-four Préludes Op. 28 (1839) mark a significant break in the long history of the genre, for with this collection the hitherto utilitarian prelude became essentially autonomous. In the words of Franz Liszt they are, 'poetic preludes, like those of a great contemporary poet, who cradles the soul in golden dreams, and elevates it to the regions of the ideal'. The Complete Chopin, 'A New Critical Edition' from Edition Peters is a landmark in the publication of this composer's music. Three of the world's most respected Chopin specialists have been appointed as Series Editors: John Rink, Jim Samson and Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger. 
With further expertise provided by Christophe Grabowski, the Editorial Consultant, their unrivalled collective knowledge imbues this project with unique authority, drawing upon the latest international scholarship to ensure the stylistic integrity and consistency of the edition. Key Features include: 
  • An introductory essay in English, German and French examining the historical background, compositional features and performance practice issues
  • The identification of, and adherence to, a single principal source
  • A detailed and comprehensive critical commentary
  • Chopin's authentic fingerings only
  • Emphasis placed on retaining expressive features of the original notation
  • Notes on the editorial principles and methodology guiding the whole project.
Préludes für Klavier: op. 28, 45; Urtext (The Complete Chopin)
Herausgeber der Reihe: John Rink; Jean-Jacques Eigeldinger; Jim Samson und Christophe GrabowskiJeder Band enthält:ein Vorwort in englischer, deutscher und französischer Sprache, das geschichtliche Hintergründe, kompositorische Gestaltung und Aufführungspraxis der Werke beleuchtetErläuterungen zu den Editionsrichtlinien der Gesamtausgabeeinen ausführlichen kritischen Bericht in englischer Sprache mit Information zu den verfügbaren Quellen, Erklärungen zu editorischen Entscheidungen und Angaben zu Variantenbei Bedarf nähere Aufführungshinweise, besonders zur Auführung von Verzierungen.