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Title Year Description Duration Composer
Archangel2022solo soprano saxophone and chamber ensemble of 7 players6John Harle
Briggflatts2019/arr. 2023soprano saxophone and chamber ensemble of 7 players21John Harle
Briggflatts2019soprano saxophone and orchestra21John Harle
Flare2019/arr.2021soprano saxophone and chamber ensemble of 7 players10John Harle
The Keys of Canterbury2019solo soprano saxophone and wind ensemble (split into three antiphonal groups)14John Harle
ZOOM2018a performance in five poems27John Harle
Adagio from Oboe Concerto in D Minorarr. 2018soprano saxophone and strings4John Harle, Alessandro Marcello
RANT! (string orchestra)2018soprano saxophone and string orchestra6John Harle
RANT!2018soprano saxophone and orchestra6John Harle
RANT! (pno)2018soprano saxophone (or clarinet) and piano6John Harle