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Title Year Description Duration Composer
Study for "Metamorphosis"1972 rev. 2018solo bassoonOliver Knussen
O Hototogisu!2017soprano, flute and large ensemble of 22 players8Oliver Knussen
Reflection2016violin and piano8Oliver Knussen
Ophelia's Last Dance2010solo piano10Oliver Knussen
Cleveland Pictures2003-09orchestra15½Oliver Knussen
Requiem2006soprano and ensemble of 15 players12Oliver Knussen
Violin Concerto2002violin and orchestra17Oliver Knussen
Eccentric Melody1998solo cello2Oliver Knussen
Prayer Bell Sketch1997piano5Oliver Knussen
...upon one note1995chamber ensemble of four players (with optional viola)3Oliver Knussen
Two Organa1995large chamber ensemble of 22 players6Oliver Knussen
Notre Dame des Jouets1995large chamber ensemble of 21 players2Oliver Knussen
Deuxième prologue from Roméo et Juliette1995orchestration of the Deuxième prologuec.4Oliver Knussen, Hector Berlioz
Horn Concerto1994horn and orchestra13Oliver Knussen
Organum1994large chamber ensemble4Oliver Knussen
Flourish with Fireworks1993large orchestra4Oliver Knussen
Whitman Settings (orchestral)1992soprano and orchestra12Oliver Knussen
Songs without Voices1992four pieces for 8 players11Oliver Knussen
Elegiac Arabesques1991cor anglais and clarinet4Oliver Knussen
Whitman Settings1991soprano and piano10Oliver Knussen
National Anthem1990orchestra1Oliver Knussen
Secret Psalm1990solo violin5Oliver Knussen
The Way to Castle Yonder1990orchestra8Oliver Knussen
Variations1989piano7Oliver Knussen
Four Late Poems and an Epigram of Rainer Maria Rilke1988unaccompanied soprano10Oliver Knussen
Alleluya Nativitas1987wind quintet8Oliver Knussen, Pérotin
Frammenti da 'Chiara'19862 antiphonal choirs of female voices a capella8Oliver Knussen
Fanfares for Tanglewood198613 brass and percussion in 3 groups2Oliver Knussen
Higglety Pigglety Pop!1984-5, rev. 1999Fantasy Opera in 1 act (9 scenes)60Oliver Knussen
Music for a Puppet Court1983Puzzle pieces for 2 chamber orchestras10Oliver Knussen
The Wild Rumpus1983orchestra4Oliver Knussen
Songs and A Sea Interlude1981soprano and orchestra17Oliver Knussen
Marriage1981Mussorgsky, orchestrated by Colin Matthews and Oliver Knussen. Opera in 1 act 4 scenes35Oliver Knussen, Colin Matthews, Modest Mussorgsky
Symphony No.31979orchestra15Oliver Knussen
Coursing1979chamber orchestra of 14 players6Oliver Knussen
Where the Wild Things Are1979/83Fantasy opera in 1 act 9 scenes40Oliver Knussen
Sonya's Lullaby1978Piano solo6Oliver Knussen
Processionals1978chamber ensemble of 9 players12Oliver Knussen
Mussorgsky Miniatures1978chamber orchestra5Oliver Knussen, Modest Mussorgsky
Autumnal1977violin and piano7Oliver Knussen
Cantata1977oboe and string trio10Oliver Knussen
Océan de Terre1976soprano and chamber ensemble of 7 (or 9) players12Oliver Knussen
Ophelia Dances Book 11975chamber ensemble of 9 players8Oliver Knussen
Trumpets1975soprano and three clarinets4Oliver Knussen
Rosary Songs1972soprano and 3 players14Oliver Knussen
Symphony No.21971high soprano and small orchestra17Oliver Knussen
Hums and Songs of Winnie-the-Pooh1970/83soprano and chamber ensemble of 5 players13Oliver Knussen
Choral1970-72wind, percussion and basses10Oliver Knussen
Three Little Fantasies1970/83wind quintet7Oliver Knussen
Symphony in One Movement1969-2002orchestra13Oliver Knussen
Masks1969solo flute with glass chimes ad lib8Oliver Knussen