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Title Year Description Duration Composer
After Lassus2023soprano and orchestra15½Tom Coult
Saint Boy2023violin and orchestra arrangement by Tom CoultTom Coult, Daniel Pioro
Prelude (after Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe)2022lower strings7Tom Coult
O Ecclesia2022arranged for violin and organ8Tom Coult, Hildegard von Bingen
Three Pieces that Disappear2022orchestra and fixed audio21Tom Coult
Two Nocturnes and a Maze2022horn trio21Tom Coult
A Little Recessional2021solo bass viol2Tom Coult
Wholesome Counsels2021soprano and piano18Tom Coult
Sonata No.2 in D Minor2021arranged for solo violin and chamber orchestra by Tom Coult10Tom Coult, Giuseppe Tartini
Gymnopédies2021chamber orchestra9Tom Coult
La Follia2021arranged for chamber orchestra by Tom Coult12Tom Coult, Antonio Vivaldi
O Ecclesia2021solo violin and string orchestra8Tom Coult, Daniel Pioro, Hildegard von Bingen
The Agony in the Garden2021violin and chamber orchestraTom Coult, Heinrich Biber, Daniel Pioro
Gymnopédies2021piano8Tom Coult
I Find Planets2020soprano, bass clarinet, harp and double bass6Tom Coult
Pleasure Garden2020, rev. 2023Concerto for violin and orchestrac. 25Tom Coult
Études V & VI2020solo violin5Tom Coult
Violet2019opera for four singers and ensemble of 13 players87Tom Coult
Inventions (for Heath Robinson)2019solo piano15Tom Coult
Studies in Canonic Form2018Schumann arranged for chamber orchestra18Tom Coult, Robert Schumann
String Quartet2018string quartet12Tom Coult
St John's Dance2017orchestra6Tom Coult
Two Games and a Nocturne2016chamber ensemble of 6 players11Tom Coult
Spirit of the Staircase2016ensemble of 15 players16Tom Coult
Sonnet Machine2015orchestra10Tom Coult
My Curves are not Mad2015string orchestra14Tom Coult
Beautiful Caged Thing2015soprano and chamber orchestra12Tom Coult
Sparking and Slipping2014violin, piano, harp and percussionc.11½Tom Coult
Antic Rounds2014chamber ensemble of 17 playersc.13Tom Coult
Enmîmés sont les gougebosqueux2013chamber ensemble of 4 players7Tom Coult
Four Perpetual Motions2013chamber ensemble of 10 players13Tom Coult
Rainbow-Shooting Cloud Contraption2013chamber ensemble of 15 players5Tom Coult
Codex (Homage to Serafini)2013symphony orchestra12Tom Coult
Solvitrambulando2012chamber orchestra17Tom Coult
Limp2012violin and piano7Tom Coult
Enmîmés sont les gougebosqueux2012chamber ensemble of 5 players7Tom Coult
Piano Trio "The Chronophage"2011piano trio17Tom Coult
Études2010/2014violin soloc.8Tom Coult