solo vln - harpsichord - strings - electronics


Score and parts for hire

Programme Notes

  • Anno recontextualises Vivaldi’s Four Seasons into a new continuous hour-long piece that combines the Four Seasons with new works for string orchestra, harpsichord and electronics by Anna Meredith.  
  • Anno juxtaposes music by both composers, so omitted movements from the original Four Seasons as well as edits, re-naming and performance directions within the Vivaldi, are designed to make connections to Anna’s writing and allow a new interpretation of such a well-known piece within Anno’s own landscape. Huge thanks to Jonathan Morton and the Scottish Ensemble for collaborating on these connections.
  • Whilst there are moments of segue and lots of links, the 16 movements of Anno are self-contained and designed to have the feeling of moving physically and musically through a calendar year (Spring>Summer>Autumn>Winter) through the hour. 
  • Anno was designed as an ‘immersive’ experience with the audience sitting amidst surround visuals (made by Eleanor Meredith) as well as surround electronics and movement/position changes from the ensemble. For more information please request the tech spec.
General notes:
  • Tuning should be A440 to match the electronics.
  • The original performance and parts were orchestrated for: Solo Violin + 3 x Violin I, 3 x Violin II, 2 x Viola, 2 x Violoncello, 1 x Double Bass, and 1 x Harpsichord.
  • There are moments where the music splits into single lines across these forces. Larger ensembles can perform the work with as even a division as possible across the split lines.
  • The Vivaldi material has separate parts for Violin Solo. In Meredith’s material the Violin Solo parts are the same as Violin I (with indicated moments for divisions).
  • Parts are designed to be performed on iPads (with foot pedals for page turns). This is to allow the performing environment to be as dark as possible whilst casting light on players
  • The score has a cue line which shows a line of what the electronics are doing but is far from comprehensive!
  • It might be useful to for performers to have access to the commercially available recording of Anno (Moshi Moshi label) to better illustrate some of the wordier performance directions!
Amplification/Click Tracks
  • The whole ensemble should be amplified and lifted to match the sound of (loud and sometimes beat based!) electronics. 
  • It is potentially possible to perform with un-amplified ensemble, but this means matching the acoustic volume to the electronics so is only possible with larger forces and the preference is to give as much volume and impact as possible!
  • Some of the movements are performed to clicks. Anna sends the click track from her electronic set up on stage. The clicks can go to every player or just section leaders as preferred.
  • Please contact us for details of her sound engineer who we’ve performed Anno with several times. 



Hall 1, Kings Place (London, United Kingdom)

Aurora Orchestra, Anna Meredith, Alexandra Wood

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