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Programme Notes

Three short pieces, all exploring different facets of the same compositional technique, and all written for friends. (1) “A Lullaby for Lalit”: a slow and simple melody, accompanied by open strings, which transforms into ribbons of harmonics at its end. (2) “A Canon for Sally”: a highly energetic fast movement, whose triadic harmonies and accentuated rhythms become ever more insistant. (3) “Lauer Lied”: a plucked chordal introduction leads to a gentle “arco” song, supported by lilting left-hand “pizzicati”. The world première of these “Three Miniatures” was given at the Römerbad Festival by Irvine Arditti in March 2002, who also gave the first performance of the definitive (expanded) version later the same year at the Aldeburgh Festival.

© George Benjamin

Three Miniatures for Solo Violin

Boulez Saal (Berlin, Germany)

Carolin Widmann