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Title Year Description Duration Composer
Five Intermezzi2022solo piano19Carl Vine
Endless2021guitar quintet17Carl Vine
Zofomorphosis2020Concerto for one piano four hands and orchestra22-23Carl Vine
Lament2020solo harp2Carl Vine
Piano Sonata No.42019piano15Carl Vine
Then & Now2018low voice and string quartet5Carl Vine
Implacable Gifts2018two pianos and orchestra22Carl Vine
The Enchanted Loom2018orchestrac.25Carl Vine
Arrival of Implacable Gifts, The2017piano four handsc.4Carl Vine
Strutt Sonata2017cello and pianoc.15Carl Vine
String Quartet No.62017string quartetc.20Carl Vine
Wonders2016soprano, baritone, 2 choirs and orchestrac.15Carl Vine
Five Hallucinations2016trombone and orchestra20Carl Vine
Poets & Fighters2015low voice and string quartet6Carl Vine
Our Sons2015cantata for soprano and stringsc.12Carl Vine
Soliloquy2015solo violinc.3Carl Vine
Harbour Reverie2014violin and piano4Carl Vine
Harbour Reverie2014string quartet4Carl Vine
Verbum Caro Factum Est2014unaccompanied double choirc.5Carl Vine
Gravity Road2014orchestral tone poem10Carl Vine
Concerto for Orchestra2014orchestrac.20Carl Vine
Fantasia2013piano quintetc.16Carl Vine
Piano Trio2013piano trio17Carl Vine
Piano Concerto No.22012piano and orchestra25Carl Vine
Tree of Man, The2012secular cantata for soprano and string orchestra11Carl Vine
Ring Out, Wild Bells2012large choir (SSAATTB)4Carl Vine
Tree of Man, The2012high voice and string sextet11Carl Vine
Violin Concerto2011violin and orchestra23Carl Vine
Toccatissimo2011solo piano5-6Carl Vine
Tribe's Desire2010version of String Quartet No 5 for string orchestra21Carl Vine
Three Pomegranates2010two marimbas eight hands10Carl Vine
XX2009solo violin and string orchestra3Carl Vine
Sonata for Piano Four Hands2009solo piano - 4 hands23Carl Vine
String Quintet2009string quintet21Carl Vine
Symphony No.72008orchestra24Carl Vine
They Shall Laugh & Sing2008SATB chorus and organ6Carl Vine
Piano Sonata No.32007piano22Carl Vine
They Shall Laugh & Sing2007SATB chorus and orchestra6Carl Vine
String Quartet No.52007string quartet22Carl Vine
Anne Landa Preludes, The2006piano22Carl Vine
Cello Concerto2004cello and orchestra19Carl Vine
String Quartet No.42004string quartet15Carl Vine
Pipe Dreams2003flute and strings13Carl Vine
Leonardo Dreaming2002accordion and trombone2Carl Vine
V2002fanfare for orchestra5Carl Vine
Celebrare Celeberrime2002symphonic wind band4Carl Vine
Smith's Alchemy2001string orchestra15Carl Vine
Mythologia2000ballet for SATB chorus and CD88Carl Vine
Red Blues1999piano6Carl Vine
Piano Sonata No.21997piano21Carl Vine
Piano Concerto No.11997piano and orchestra25Carl Vine
Rash1997solo piano and CD3Carl Vine
Silver Rose, The1997-2005ballet81Carl Vine
Choral Symphony1996SATB chorus, organ and orchestra26Carl Vine
Oboe Concerto1996oboe and orchestra16Carl Vine
Descent1996symphonic poem for orchestra12Carl Vine
Music for the Flag Hand-over Ceremony1996orchestra7Carl Vine
Advance Australia Fair1996soprano, SATB chorus and orchestra4Carl Vine
Percussion Symphony1995four percussionists and orchestra22Carl Vine
Planet of Doom Theme1995orchestra1Carl Vine
Inner World (Version with Added String Orchestra)1994/2003cello, pre-recorded CD and string orchestra13Carl Vine
Five Bagatelles1994piano10Carl Vine
Gaijin1994koto-player, strings and CD14Carl Vine
String Quartet No.31994string quartet15Carl Vine
Inner World1994cello and pre-recorded CD13Carl Vine
Esperance1994chamber orchestra10Carl Vine
Celebrare Celeberrime1993a celebration for orchestra5Carl Vine
Sonata for Flute and Piano1992flute and piano14Carl Vine
Prologue & Canzona1986string orchestra14Carl Vine