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Title Year Description Duration Composer
Hark! the echoing air2019solo trumpet & chamber orchestrac.9John Woolrich, Henry Purcell
Gesänge der Frühe2018Schumann orch. Woolrich for chamber orchestrac.11John Woolrich, Robert Schumann
Scarlatti Sonatas Set 22016Scarlatti, orchestrated by John Woolrichc.15John Woolrich, Domenico Scarlatti
Swan Song2015chamber ensemble of 5 playersc. 8John Woolrich
Voices, The2014for bass and piano trio20John Woolrich
Pianobook XIV2014piano solo6John Woolrich
Call to the mirrors2014for two brass ensembles with timpani11John Woolrich
Pianobooks VIII-XIV1997-2014piano soloJohn Woolrich
Unlit Suburbs, The2014tenor voice and piano4John Woolrich
tongs and the bones, The2014for orchestra10John Woolrich
A Quality of Loss2014whispering chorus and wind instruments12John Woolrich
To the Silver Bow2014double concerto for viola, double bass and strings15John Woolrich
A Sort of Heaven2014violin and piano10John Woolrich
Pluck from the Air2013piano quintet10½John Woolrich
Through paths and turnings2013chamber orchestra5John Woolrich
Variation on ‘Sellinger’s Round’2013string orchestra4John Woolrich
Pianobook XIII2013piano solo4John Woolrich
The Devil in the Clock2012ensemble of 13 players4John Woolrich
Mustering Drum, The20114 percussionists4'30John Woolrich
Pianobook XI2010piano solo6John Woolrich
Pianobook XII2009piano solo5John Woolrich
Italian Songs2009for string orchestra9John Woolrich, Hugo Wolf
Capriccio2009violin and strings15John Woolrich
Singing Sky, A2009voice and piano8John Woolrich
Falling Down2009a capricho for double bassoon and orchestra15John Woolrich
And Winter comes2008mezzo soprano and piano8John Woolrich
Paper of Black Lines, A2008four songs for soprano and piano5John Woolrich
Dramolet, A2008chamber ensemble of 3 players5John Woolrich
Between the Hammer and the Anvil2008chamber ensemble of 17 players25John Woolrich
Concerto for Violin2008violin and chamber orchestra21John Woolrich
Correct your Maps2008mezzo-soprano and chamber ensemble of 5 players6John Woolrich
Stendhal's Observation2008voice and piano2John Woolrich
Night will not draw on, The2008piano trio10John Woolrich
Whitel's Ey2008orchestra14John Woolrich
In the Mirrors of Asleep2007chamber ensemble of 5 players8John Woolrich
Going a Journey2006chamber ensemble of 16 players23John Woolrich
Pianobook X2005piano solo5John Woolrich
Blue Drowning2005string ensemble or solo strings10John Woolrich
From the Book of Disquiet2005collected music for alto, oboe and viols or strings17John Woolrich
Quiddities2005cor anglais and string sextet10John Woolrich
After the Clock2005chamber ensemble of 14 players (minimum)12John Woolrich
Elephant from Celebes, The2005orchestra20John Woolrich
Come and Go2005chamber orchestra13John Woolrich
Street of Crocodiles, The2005piano, trumpet and strings15John Woolrich
Scarlatti Sonatas Set 12005percussion and chamber orchestra14John Woolrich, Domenico Scarlatti
Three Fantasias2005strings3John Woolrich
Three Arias2005oboe and strings4John Woolrich
Tales of Transformation2004orchestra15John Woolrich, Henry Purcell
Lost Day of Return, The2004solo oboe and chamber ensemble of 11 players10John Woolrich
Sea and Its Shore, The2004voice, chamber ensemble of 8 players and tape35John Woolrich
In the stones2004string quartet4John Woolrich
Farewel adieu2004mezzo-soprano, triple harp and bass viol2John Woolrich
Farewel adieu2004mezzo-soprano and piano2John Woolrich
Double Mercury2003orchestra20John Woolrich
This Change2003four solo voices and organ10John Woolrich
Stealing Steps2003violin and viola11John Woolrich
Leaving Home2003oboe quintet14John Woolrich
Earth grown old2003unaccompanied SATB choir3John Woolrich
Three Songs2003alto and strings5John Woolrich
Three Songs2002alto and piano5John Woolrich
Through a Limbeck2002solo viola6John Woolrich
Suite from Bitter Fruit2002chamber ensemble of 16 players20John Woolrich
Darker Still2002flute and piano14John Woolrich
Good Morning - Midnight2002voice and piano8John Woolrich
Presence of Departed Acts, A2002clarinet, violin, cello and piano10John Woolrich
Fanfarronada2002small orchestra7John Woolrich
Arcangelo2002chamber orchestra14John Woolrich
Watermark2002violin and bass clarinet10John Woolrich
Exploit in White2001brass quintet14John Woolrich
Three Fantasias2001six viols3John Woolrich
Three Songs2001alto and six viols5John Woolrich
Dum Spiro, Spero2001solo accordion10John Woolrich
Three Arias2001oboe and six viols4John Woolrich
Spring in Winter2001Unaccompanied SATB chorus3John Woolrich
Three Capriccios2001oboe5John Woolrich
Elegy2001cello and piano12John Woolrich
Pianobook IX2001piano solo10John Woolrich
Cutting a Caper2001large ensemble of 22 players15John Woolrich
Three Pieces for Violin2001solo violin8John Woolrich
Bitter Fruit2000Masque in three acts85John Woolrich
Rolling Years, The2000chorus and orchestra11John Woolrich
Capriccio to Calliope Herself, A2000orchestra8John Woolrich
String Quartet No. 22000string quartet16John Woolrich
Keepsake2000solo cor anglais3John Woolrich
Stealing a March2000chamber ensemble of 17 players7John Woolrich
Paradise2000SATB choir and organ5John Woolrich
Old Year, The1999SATB chorus and chamber orchestra7John Woolrich
Little Walserings1999SATB chorus and strings6John Woolrich
Pianobook VIII1997-1999piano solo8John Woolrich
Litany, A1999oboe and string orchestra15John Woolrich
Shadowed Lesson, A1999chamber ensemble of 5 players12John Woolrich
Concerto for Orchestra1999chamber orchestra18John Woolrich
Accord1999a concerto for mixed orchestras25John Woolrich
Speed the Going1998chamber orchestra7John Woolrich
Oboe Quintet1998oboe quintet20John Woolrich
Sennets and Tuckets1998symphonic wind band15John Woolrich
Concerto for Cello1998cello and orchestra23John Woolrich
Locus Solus1998piano solo12John Woolrich
Three Choruses1998unaccompanied SATB chorus7John Woolrich
Years Glide Swiftly, The1998unaccompanied SATB chorus1John Woolrich
The iron cockerel sings1998wind ensemble of 6 players10John Woolrich
Unlit Suburbs, The1998soprano voice and piano4John Woolrich
Hymn Against Despair, A1998unaccompanied SATB choir2John Woolrich
Three Pieces for Chamber Orchestra1997chamber orchestra16John Woolrich
Pianobook VII1997piano solo5John Woolrich
Toward the Black Sky1997piano trio10John Woolrich
Sestina1997piano quartet12John Woolrich
The Way Out Discovered1997wind ensemble of 13 players7John Woolrich
Caprichos1997chamber ensemble of 12 players7John Woolrich
Envoi1997chamber ensemble of 7 players8John Woolrich
Cantilena1997chamber orchestra4John Woolrich
Twisting that Lock1997soprano, alto and piano4John Woolrich
Hymn on Melancholy, A1997unacompanied SSA voices4John Woolrich
Adagissimo1997piano quartet8John Woolrich
Music from A House of Crossed Desires1996chamber ensemble of 14 players8John Woolrich
String Trio1996string trio6John Woolrich
Curtain Tune, A1996chamber orchestra5John Woolrich
In the House of Crossed Desires1996chamber opera in two acts for 4 female voices and ensemble90John Woolrich
Oboe Concerto1996oboe and orchestra26John Woolrich
Malicious Observer1996soprano and string quartet3John Woolrich
Malicious Observer1996soprano and chamber ensemble of 5 players3John Woolrich
Pianobook VI1995piano solo6John Woolrich
String Quartet No 11995String Quartet12John Woolrich
...that is Night1995violin and piano5John Woolrich
My Box of Phantoms1995oboe quartet5John Woolrich
Malicious Observer1995soprano and piano trio3John Woolrich
Here is my Country1995Four songs for soprano and piano6John Woolrich
To witness her Goodbye1995tenor and chamber ensemble of 7 players8John Woolrich
Book of Elegies, A1995unaccompanied SSSSAATTBB chorus10John Woolrich
Another Staircase Overture1994string orchestra9John Woolrich
Four Pieces1994cello and piano8John Woolrich
Fanfare1994brass band4John Woolrich
Four Concert Arias1994two sopranos, mezzo soprano and small orchestra17John Woolrich
A Leap in the Dark1994string ensemble of 11 players12John Woolrich
Ariadne Laments1994soprano and chamber ensemble of 5 players8John Woolrich
North Wind, The1994soprano and chamber ensemble of 5 players4John Woolrich
Three Cautionary Tales1994soprano and chamber ensemble of 5 players8John Woolrich
From the Shadows1994five pieces for 11 players7John Woolrich
Pianobook V1994piano solo6John Woolrich
...with Land in Sight…1994solo cello2John Woolrich
Fantazia1994four viols5John Woolrich
Three Cautionary Tales1994Soprano and piano8John Woolrich
North Wind, The1994soprano and piano4John Woolrich
Viola Concerto1993viola and orchestra20John Woolrich
Im Ruhigen Tal1993violin and piano8John Woolrich
Songs and Broken Music1993soprano and piano trio5John Woolrich
Cabinet of Curiosities, A1993piano and wind quartet10John Woolrich
Fanfare1993brass and percussion4John Woolrich
Far from home1993A lullaby for large unaccompanied SATB chorus6John Woolrich
Three Pieces for Viola1993solo viola6John Woolrich
Pianobook III1993piano solo5John Woolrich
Pianobook IV1993piano solo5John Woolrich
Over the Sea1993five songs for small unaccompanied SATB chorus6John Woolrich
A Book of Studies Set 21993wind quintet10John Woolrich
A Book of Studies Set 11993wind quintet10John Woolrich
Pianobook II1992piano solo7John Woolrich
Si Va Facendo Notte1992clarinet and string ensemble of 11 players20John Woolrich
It is midnight, Dr Schweitzer1992string ensemble of 11 players12John Woolrich
Favola in Musica II1992chamber ensemble of 3 players8John Woolrich
Farewell, A1992chamber ensemble of 3 players10John Woolrich
Pianobook I1992piano solo7John Woolrich
Poor Mr Snail1992soprano and chamber ensemble of 5 players2John Woolrich
Poor Mr Snail1992soprano and piano2John Woolrich
Pianobooks I-VII1997piano solo40John Woolrich
Contredanse1991string octet15John Woolrich
Death of King Renaud, The1991string quintet12John Woolrich
Theatre Represents a Garden: Night, The1991chamber orchestra15John Woolrich
Ghost in the Machine, The1990large orchestra15John Woolrich
Berceuse1990soprano and chamber ensemble of 5 players7John Woolrich
Favola in Musica I1990chamber ensemble of 3 players8John Woolrich
Quicksteps1990wind octet6John Woolrich
Kingdom of Dreams, The1989oboe and piano9John Woolrich
La Cantarina1989Scena for high soprano and piano9John Woolrich
Lending Wings1989chamber ensemble of 16 players14John Woolrich
Ulysses Awakes1989viola and 10 solo strings8John Woolrich
Barcarolle1989chamber ensemble of 6 players10John Woolrich
Turkish Mouse, The1988soprano and chamber ensemble of 5 players2John Woolrich
Dartington Doubles1988chamber ensemble of 10 players5John Woolrich
Light and Rock1988soprano, basset horn and piano8John Woolrich
Turkish Mouse, The1988soprano and piano2John Woolrich
Turkish Mouse, The1988oboe and piano4John Woolrich
Ophelia Songs1988soprano and chamber ensemble of five players5John Woolrich, Johannes Brahms
Barber's Timepiece, The1986large orchestra7John Woolrich
Battledore1985unison voices and piano5John Woolrich
Battledore1985a cappella childrens' voices5John Woolrich
Black Riddle1984five songs for soprano and large chamber ensemble9John Woolrich
Five Italian Songs1984voice and piano10John Woolrich
Three Macedonian Songs1984soprano and chamber ensemble of 7 players6John Woolrich
Serbian Songs1984soprano, clarinet and percussion6John Woolrich
Harlequinade1983soprano and chamber ensemble of 4 players12John Woolrich
Cascades1983soprano and chamber ensemble of 5 players10John Woolrich
Spalanzani's Daughter1983chamber ensemble of 8 players10John Woolrich
Four Songs After Hoffmann1981soprano and clarinet9John Woolrich
Stone Dances1980chamber ensemble of 8 players8John Woolrich
Book of Studies Set 3, Awind quintetJohn Woolrich
Little Piano Book, ThePiano8John Woolrich
CanzonaJohn Woolrich
Bach ChoralesJohn Woolrich
Pianobookspiano soloJohn Woolrich
Five Pieces for Piano Quartetpiano quartetJohn Woolrich