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Title Year Description Duration Composer
Pastorale2021version for string orchestra5Peter Sculthorpe
Lament for violin, cello and strings2014violin, cello and strings10Peter Sculthorpe
Salve Regina2014soprano and stringsPeter Sculthorpe
Island Songs2013two pianos and didjeriduc.18½Peter Sculthorpe
Patrick White Fragments2012soprano and pianoc.6½Peter Sculthorpe
Oh, T.I.!2012guitar and strings16½Peter Sculthorpe
Island Songs2012saxophone, strings and percussion18Peter Sculthorpe
Shining Island2011strings11Peter Sculthorpe
Four Shakespeare Songs2011soprano and pianoc.10Peter Sculthorpe
Riverina Dreaming2011solo piano20Peter Sculthorpe
String Quartet No. 182010string quartet19Peter Sculthorpe
Song for Neilma, A2010recorder and string quartet5Peter Sculthorpe
Kyrie2010cello and strings8Peter Sculthorpe
After Night2010treble voices and strings6Peter Sculthorpe
Remembering Mrs Macquarie2010cello and didjeridu8Peter Sculthorpe
To Music2010SATB chorus and orchestra7Peter Sculthorpe
String Sonata No. 52010string orchestra21Peter Sculthorpe
Chaconne2009for violin and chamber orchestraPeter Sculthorpe
Island Dreaming2009mezzo-soprano and stringsPeter Sculthorpe
Patrick White Fragments2009soprano, speaker and pianoPeter Sculthorpe
A Song of Love2008string orchestra4Peter Sculthorpe
Two Chorales2008clarinet quartetc. 3Peter Sculthorpe
Djilile2008two guitars6Peter Sculthorpe
Tropic2008orchestra10Peter Sculthorpe
Song of the Yarra2008soprano solo, violin obbligato, SATB chorus and chamber ensemble16Peter Sculthorpe
String Sonata No. 42008string orchestra, with optional didjeridu18½Peter Sculthorpe
Maranoa Lullaby2007solo cello3Peter Sculthorpe
String Quartet No. 172007string quartet19Peter Sculthorpe
To Love2006unaccompanied SATB chorus4Peter Sculthorpe
Darwin Calypso2006flute, clarinet, string quartet and piano8Peter Sculthorpe
A Songline for Henri2006bass clarinet and piano1Peter Sculthorpe
Thoughts of Home2006harmonica and string quartetc.4½Peter Sculthorpe
Australian Anthem, An2006brass octet4Peter Sculthorpe
Beethoven Variations2006orchestra with optional didjeridu18Peter Sculthorpe
Elegy2006viola and strings17½Peter Sculthorpe
Captain Quiros2006brass, percussion and strings, with amplified cello22Peter Sculthorpe
Baltimore Songlines2006chamber ensemble of 3 players17Peter Sculthorpe
Song for Fé, A2005viola and piano5Peter Sculthorpe
Australian Anthem, An2005brass quintet4Peter Sculthorpe
Song for Richard, A2005violin and piano3Peter Sculthorpe
Serenade2005solo violin2Peter Sculthorpe
Songs of Sea and Sky2005solo violin, string orchestra and optional didjeridu16½Peter Sculthorpe
String Quartet No. 162005string quartet, with optional didjeridu18Peter Sculthorpe
Small Town2005wind band6Peter Sculthorpe
Night Song2004violin, horn and piano6Peter Sculthorpe
Overture for a Happy Occasion2004organ3Peter Sculthorpe
Port Arthur: In Memoriam2004trumpet and organ3Peter Sculthorpe
Little Passacaglia2004piano3Peter Sculthorpe
Koori Dreaming2004descant recorder and guitar2Peter Sculthorpe
Requiem2004SATB chorus, didjeridu and orchestra40Peter Sculthorpe
Out the Back2003voice, strings and percussion10Peter Sculthorpe
Ease of the Midnight Visit2003voice, piano, drums and stringsPeter Sculthorpe
Beethoven Variations2003orchestra11Peter Sculthorpe
Quamby2003orchestra, with optional didjeridu21Peter Sculthorpe
Songs of Sea and Sky2003string orchestra and optional didjeridu16½Peter Sculthorpe
Sydney Singing2003solo clarinet and chamber orchestra17Peter Sculthorpe
From Oceania2003orchestraPeter Sculthorpe
From Ubirr2003string orchestra with optional didjeridu12Peter Sculthorpe
Advance Australia Fair2003orchestra3Peter Sculthorpe
Lullaby2003unaccompanied SATB chorus8Peter Sculthorpe
Songs of Sea and Sky2003soprano saxophone and piano16Peter Sculthorpe
Parting2002flute and piano3Peter Sculthorpe
Burke and Wills Suite2002orchestra19Peter Sculthorpe
From High Hills2002orchestraPeter Sculthorpe
Advance Australia Fair2002violin and celloc.1½Peter Sculthorpe
Darwin Calypso2002Two Guitars8Peter Sculthorpe
Sea Chant2002Two GuitarsPeter Sculthorpe
Sometimes When I'm Dreaming2001piano2Peter Sculthorpe
Sydney Singing2002oboe and piano15Peter Sculthorpe
Darwin Calypso2002two guitars and strings8Peter Sculthorpe
Sydney Singing2002clarinet and piano15Peter Sculthorpe
Sydney Singing2002violin and piano15Peter Sculthorpe
Soliloquy and Cadenza2001solo cello5Peter Sculthorpe
Music for Federation2001orchestra22Peter Sculthorpe
Djilile2001string orchestra5Peter Sculthorpe
Landscapes2001solo voice and optional bass instruments3Peter Sculthorpe
Sonata for Cello and Percussion2001cello and percussion12Peter Sculthorpe
Looking Back2001chamber ensemble of 4 players2Peter Sculthorpe
Sonatina2001bassoon and piano4Peter Sculthorpe
Viola Song2001piano quintet3Peter Sculthorpe
Saibai2000unison voices and drumsanyPeter Sculthorpe
Song for a Penny2000pianoPeter Sculthorpe
Song for a Penny2000pianoPeter Sculthorpe
New Norcia2000brass and percussion7Peter Sculthorpe
Tailitnama Song2000viola and piano6Peter Sculthorpe
Parting2000viola and piano3Peter Sculthorpe
From the River2000chamber ensemble of 5 players6Peter Sculthorpe
Three Shakespeare Songs2000medium voice and piano6Peter Sculthorpe
Harbour Dreaming2000piano6Peter Sculthorpe
Djilile2000string quartet6Peter Sculthorpe
Tailitnama Song2000solo viola6Peter Sculthorpe
Reef Singing2000clarinet and pianoPeter Sculthorpe
Quamby2000chamber orchestra, with optional didjeridu22Peter Sculthorpe
My Country Childhood1999string orchestra16Peter Sculthorpe
Gondwana-Land1999string orchestra14Peter Sculthorpe
Love Song1999guitar and string quartet6Peter Sculthorpe
String Quartet No. 151999string quartet16Peter Sculthorpe
Rockpool Dreaming1999soprano saxophone and strings4Peter Sculthorpe
From Irkanda III1961/1999piano trio6Peter Sculthorpe
Earth Cry (abridged version)1999orchestra6Peter Sculthorpe
Little Love Song, A1999string quartet3Peter Sculthorpe
For Justine1998solo cello2Peter Sculthorpe
Gershwin Arrangements1998string quartet9Peter Sculthorpe, George Gershwin
Little Book of Hours, A1998piano7Peter Sculthorpe
String Quartet No. 141998string quartet, with optional didjeridu18Peter Sculthorpe
Great Sandy Island1998orchestra20Peter Sculthorpe
Cello Dreaming1998solo cello, string orchestra and percussion, with optional didjeridu18Peter Sculthorpe
Love Thoughts1977/1998soprano, 2 speakers and chamber ensemble of 5 players45Peter Sculthorpe
Love Song1997guitar and strings7Peter Sculthorpe
Two Easy Pieces1997flute and pianoPeter Sculthorpe
Tailitnama Song1997solo cello6Peter Sculthorpe
Little Song1996string quartet1Peter Sculthorpe
To Meadows1996string quartet3Peter Sculthorpe
Pastorale1996string quartet5Peter Sculthorpe
Prologue1996string quartet3Peter Sculthorpe
Night Song1996string orchestra6Peter Sculthorpe
Djilile1996chamber orchestra5Peter Sculthorpe
Advance Australia Fair1996string orchestra3Peter Sculthorpe
Psalm 1501996treble voices and optional voices and/or instruments6Peter Sculthorpe
Port Arthur: In Memoriam1996chamber orchestra4Peter Sculthorpe
Maranoa Lullaby1996mezzo soprano and string quartet3Peter Sculthorpe
Autumn Song1996string quartet3Peter Sculthorpe
String Quartet No. 131996mezzo-soprano and string quartet11Peter Sculthorpe
Little Requiem1996koto and stringsPeter Sculthorpe
Simori1995flute and guitar10Peter Sculthorpe
Djilile1995consort music for 5 viols7Peter Sculthorpe
Darwin Marching1995orchestra5Peter Sculthorpe
Australian Anthem, An1995brass septet4Peter Sculthorpe
Parting1995cello and piano3Peter Sculthorpe
Three Pieces for Piano199520Peter Sculthorpe
Parting1947/1995voice and pianoPeter Sculthorpe
Night Song1995piano trio6Peter Sculthorpe
Simori1995piano11Peter Sculthorpe
The Stars Turn1995soprano, clarinet and piano6Peter Sculthorpe
From Nourlangie1994clarinet, violin and piano4Peter Sculthorpe
Saibai1994string quartet3Peter Sculthorpe
Chorale19948 cellos5Peter Sculthorpe
From Nourlangie1994string quartet4Peter Sculthorpe
String Quartet No.121994string quartet, with optional didjeridu12Peter Sculthorpe
From Nourlangie1994soprano and chamber ensemble of 3 players5Peter Sculthorpe
Into the Dreaming1994guitar6Peter Sculthorpe
The Song of Tailitnama1994counter tenor and piano11Peter Sculthorpe
String Sonata No. 31994string orchestra, with optional didjeridu14Peter Sculthorpe
From Kakadu1994harp11Peter Sculthorpe
Into the Dreaming1994harp6Peter Sculthorpe
The Song of Tailitnama1994soprano and piano11Peter Sculthorpe
From Kakadu and Into the Dreaming1993/4Guitarc. 17Peter Sculthorpe
From Nourlangie1993piano quartet4Peter Sculthorpe
Memento Mori1993orchestra, with optional didjeridu14Peter Sculthorpe
From Kakadu1993guitar11Peter Sculthorpe
Lament for String Sextet1993string sextet10Peter Sculthorpe
Into the Dreaming1993solo cello3Peter Sculthorpe
From Saibai1993violin and piano11Peter Sculthorpe
Night Song1993clarinet, violin and piano6Peter Sculthorpe
From Saibai1993cello and piano11Peter Sculthorpe
Hill-Song II1993string quartet3Peter Sculthorpe
Hill-Song I1993string quartet3Peter Sculthorpe
The Stars Turn1993soprano, cello and piano6Peter Sculthorpe
Irkanda IV1992flute and string quartet11Peter Sculthorpe
Awake, Glad Heart!19922 trumpets and strings3Peter Sculthorpe
Dream Tracks1992violin, clarinet and piano15Peter Sculthorpe
Threnody1992solo cello7Peter Sculthorpe
Tropic1992chamber ensemble of 6 players15Peter Sculthorpe
Nangaloar1991orchestra15Peter Sculthorpe
From Uluru1991orchestra4Peter Sculthorpe
Lament for cello and strings1991solo cello and strings10Peter Sculthorpe
Irkanda IV1991string quartet11Peter Sculthorpe
Tailitnama Song1991violin and piano6Peter Sculthorpe
String Quartet No.111990string quartet, with optional didjeridu15Peter Sculthorpe
Irkanda IV1990flute and string trio11Peter Sculthorpe
Djilile1990percussion ensemble of 4 players7Peter Sculthorpe
Little Nourlangie1990organ and orchestra4Peter Sculthorpe
Djilile1990viola and harpPeter Sculthorpe
Djilile1990guitar6Peter Sculthorpe
Beautiful Fresh Flower1989strings and percussion3Peter Sculthorpe, Percy Grainger
The Rose Bay Quadrilles1989piano5Peter Sculthorpe, William Stanley
Beautiful Fresh Flower1989String Quartet3Peter Sculthorpe, Percy Grainger
Jabiru Dreaming1989percussion ensemble of 4 players, with optional didjeridu8Peter Sculthorpe
Nocturnal1989piano7Peter Sculthorpe
Nourlangie1989solo guitar, strings and percussion, with optional didjeridu20Peter Sculthorpe
Callabonna1989piano4Peter Sculthorpe
The Birthday of thy King1988Carol for unaccompanied SATB chorus5Peter Sculthorpe
Second Sonata for Strings1988string orchestra, with optional didjeridu15Peter Sculthorpe
Kakadu1988orchestra15Peter Sculthorpe
At the Grave of Isaac Nathan1988orchestra18Peter Sculthorpe
Songs of Sea and Sky1987Clarinet and piano16Peter Sculthorpe
Songs of Sea and Sky1987flute and piano16Peter Sculthorpe
Child of Australia1987speaker, soprano, chorus and orchestra17Peter Sculthorpe
Earth Cry1986orchestra, with optional didjeridu11Peter Sculthorpe
Djilile1986cello and piano4Peter Sculthorpe
Djilile1986piano6Peter Sculthorpe
Tailitnama Song1986cello and piano6Peter Sculthorpe
Burke and Wills Suite1986brass band13Peter Sculthorpe
Autumn Song1986string orchestra3Peter Sculthorpe
Saibai1986SATB chorus3Peter Sculthorpe
The Croquet Waltz1985chamber ensemble of 11 players5Peter Sculthorpe, David Matthews
Burke and Wills Suite1985symphonic wind band10Peter Sculthorpe
Burke and Wills1985mediaPeter Sculthorpe
The Song of Tailitnama1984medium voice and piano11Peter Sculthorpe
Sun Song1984orchestra5Peter Sculthorpe
First Sonata for Strings1983string orchestra14Peter Sculthorpe
Piano Concerto1983piano and orchestra23Peter Sculthorpe
Little Suite for Strings1983string orchestra10Peter Sculthorpe
String Quartet No. 101983string quartet, with optional didjeridu14Peter Sculthorpe
Quiros1982A television opera for soloists, chorus and orchestra70Peter Sculthorpe
Tailitnama Song1981chamber ensemble of 5 players5Peter Sculthorpe
Nocturnal1981solo pianoPeter Sculthorpe
Small Town1980string quartet7Peter Sculthorpe, David Matthews
The Visions of Captain Quiros1980guitar and orchestra32Peter Sculthorpe
Overture for a Happy Occasion1980organ4Peter Sculthorpe
Mountains1980Piano5Peter Sculthorpe
Boat Rise1980high voice and piano5Peter Sculthorpe
Manganinnie1980music for feature film for solo cello, string quartet and pianoPeter Sculthorpe
Night Pieces1979harp7Peter Sculthorpe
Four Little Pieces1979piano duet9Peter Sculthorpe
Requiem for Cello Alone1979solo cello16Peter Sculthorpe
Mangrove1979brass, percussion and strings, with optional didjeridu14Peter Sculthorpe
Cantares1979guitars and string quartet20Peter Sculthorpe
The Stars Turn1979unaccompanied AATbrtbrtB chorus5Peter Sculthorpe, David Matthews
Landscape II1978piano quartet18Peter Sculthorpe
Eliza Fraser Sings1978soprano, flute and piano22Peter Sculthorpe
Little Serenade1977string quartet3Peter Sculthorpe
Colonial Dances1977two pianos7Peter Sculthorpe
Port Essington1977string trio and string orchestra15Peter Sculthorpe
Alone1976solo violin6Peter Sculthorpe
Small Town1976small orchestra6Peter Sculthorpe
Lament for Strings1976string orchestra10Peter Sculthorpe
Koto Music I & II1976Amplified piano and pre-recorded tape loop12Peter Sculthorpe
The Stars Turn1976string orchestra6Peter Sculthorpe
String Quartet No. 91975String quartet, with optional didjeridu15Peter Sculthorpe
Sea Chant1975unison voices and orchestra3Peter Sculthorpe
The Song of Tailitnama1974high voice, six cellos and percussion11Peter Sculthorpe
Rites of Passage1973Theatre work for soloists, SATB chorus, ensemble and dancers105Peter Sculthorpe
The Stars Turn1972high voice and piano5Peter Sculthorpe
Ketjak19726 male voices with tape echo10Peter Sculthorpe
Landscape I1971Amplified piano and pre-recorded tape loop13Peter Sculthorpe
How the Stars Were Made1971percussion ensemble of 4 players10Peter Sculthorpe
Night Pieces1971piano7Peter Sculthorpe
Love 2011971pop group and orchestra15Peter Sculthorpe
Dream1970any instruments and any number of performersanyPeter Sculthorpe
Two Easy Pieces1970piano4Peter Sculthorpe
Love 2001970rock band, 2 singers and orchestra18Peter Sculthorpe
Music for Japan1970orchestra12Peter Sculthorpe
Overture for a Happy Occasion1970orchestra4Peter Sculthorpe
Rain1970orchestra14Peter Sculthorpe
Morning Song1970string quartet3Peter Sculthorpe
Sun Music II1969orchestra6Peter Sculthorpe
String Quartet No.81969string quartet16Peter Sculthorpe
Tabuh Tabuhan1968wind quintet and percussion24Peter Sculthorpe
Autumn Song1968unaccompanied SATBarB Chorus3Peter Sculthorpe
Sea Chant1968unison voices and piano2Peter Sculthorpe
Music for Bali1968strings and percussion4Peter Sculthorpe
Sun Music1968A ballet in five parts for orchestra44Peter Sculthorpe
Sun Music III1967orchestra13Peter Sculthorpe
Sun Music IV1967orchestra9Peter Sculthorpe
Sun Music for Voices and Percussion1966SATB chorus, piano and percussion9Peter Sculthorpe
Morning Song for the Christ Child1966Carol for unaccompanied SATB chorus3Peter Sculthorpe
String Quartet No. 71966string quartet7Peter Sculthorpe
String Quartet No. 61965string quartet15Peter Sculthorpe
Sun Music I1965orchestra10Peter Sculthorpe
The Fifth Continent1963speaker and orchestra30Peter Sculthorpe
Irkanda IV1961solo violin, strings and percussion11Peter Sculthorpe
Irkanda III1961piano trio6Peter Sculthorpe
Sun2009Song cycle for voice and piano10 1/2Peter Sculthorpe
Sun2010Song cycle for baritone and piano10½Peter Sculthorpe
Sonata for Viola and Percussion1960viola and percussion12Peter Sculthorpe
Sonata for Cello Alone1959solo cello8Peter Sculthorpe
Irkanda I1955solo violin10Peter Sculthorpe
The Loneliness of Bunjil1954string trio10Peter Sculthorpe
Sonatina1954for solo pianoc.7½Peter Sculthorpe
Nocturne1948solo piano2Peter Sculthorpe
Faeroe Island Song1946strings and percussion3Peter Sculthorpe, Percy Grainger
Evocation1946solo pianoPeter Sculthorpe
Mrs Fraser SongsPeter Sculthorpe
Songs of Sea and Skystring sextet, with optional didjeriduPeter Sculthorpe
In Memoriamtrumpet and string quartetPeter Sculthorpe
Morning Song for the Christ Child/ Birthday of thy KingPeter Sculthorpe
Red EarthPeter Sculthorpe
Postcard From Nourlangie to Clapham CommonPeter Sculthorpe