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Title Year Description Duration Composer
String Quartet No. 172023string quartet20David Matthews
Three Birthday Pieces2023solo violin8David Matthews
String Quartet No.162022string quartet12David Matthews
Dancing Shiva2022solo violin13David Matthews
12 Fugues and A Fugue for Hugh2022solo piano13½David Matthews
Shiva Dances2022string quartet and string orchestra13David Matthews
A Birthday Song2022solo oboe2David Matthews
A Dance for Emma2022solo fluteDavid Matthews
Oboe Sonata2020-22oboe and piano20David Matthews
Five Trees2021-22solo piano12David Matthews
Romance and Pastorale2022solo violin and chamber orchestra7David Matthews, Ralph Vaughan Williams
Kingsdown Suite2021-2023solo guitar12David Matthews
Meditation2021solo organ8David Matthews
Les nuits d’été2021arranged for baritone and string sextet by David Matthews27David Matthews, Hector Berlioz
Piano Concerto No.23 in A Major2021arranged for piano and string quartet26David Matthews, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
String Quartet No.152021string quartet15David Matthews
Kindertotenlieder2021arranged for voice and reduced orchestra by David Matthews25David Matthews, Gustav Mahler
A Study for Sam2020solo clarinet in Bb1David Matthews
Two Movements for Oboe and Piano2020oboe and piano12David Matthews
Symphony No.102020-22orchestra28David Matthews
Anna2019-2022an opera in two acts115David Matthews
Concerto for Orchestra2018-19orchestra25David Matthews
Cuatro a tango2019arrangement of the Tango movement from Symphony No.4 for violin, accordion, piano and double bassDavid Matthews
Tango Flageoletto2019cello octet2David Matthews
Variations for Violin and Piano2018violin and piano10David Matthews
New Fire2018orchestraDavid Matthews
Recessional and National Anthem2018orchestra and SATB choirc.8David Matthews
White Flame2018mezzo-soprano and piano quintetc.20David Matthews
Sospiri2018Elgar arr. Matthews for string quartetc.5David Matthews, Edward Elgar
String Quartet No.142017string quartet12David Matthews
Le Lac2017soprano and chamber orchestrac.18David Matthews
Symphony No.92016orchestrac.27David Matthews
A Song for Max2016flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano4David Matthews
A Love Song2016solo pianoDavid Matthews
Two Pieces from 'The Seasons'2016string orchestra7David Matthews, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
A Midsummer Night’s Dream Overture2016ensemble of 11 players13David Matthews, Felix Mendelssohn
Norfolk March2016orchestra10David Matthews
A June Song2016string orchestra5David Matthews
Sonatina for viola and piano2016c.10David Matthews
Sonatina for clarinet, viola and piano2016c.10David Matthews
Variations on a theme of Haydn2016piano four handsc.17David Matthews
Nachtgesang2015encore for orchestra5David Matthews
String Quartet No.132015string quartet and 4 singers (SATB)c.17David Matthews
Fifteen Preludes2007-2015solo violin22David Matthews
Dawn Chorus2015unaccompanied choir and soloistsc.5David Matthews
Bright Wings2015double bass and piano4David Matthews
Prelude and Fugue2015arranged for chamber orchestra10David Matthews, Johann Sebastian Bach
Three Housman Songs2015soprano and string orchestra11David Matthews
Ein Celloleben2014solo cello4David Matthews
Sonatina for violin and piano20147David Matthews
Dark Pastoral2014viola and chamber orchestraDavid Matthews, Ralph Vaughan Williams
Two Nocturnes2014string ensemblec. 8David Matthews, Fryderyk Chopin
Toward Sunrise2014orchestraDavid Matthews
Two Chorale Preludes2014solo organ6David Matthews
To what God shall we chant our songs of battle?2014unaccompanied SATB5David Matthews
Dark Pastoral2014viola and pianoDavid Matthews, Ralph Vaughan Williams
Symphony No.82014orchestra26David Matthews
The Flaying of Marsyas2013Concertino for oboe, violin and string orchestra15David Matthews
A Vision of the Sea2013a symphonic poem for orchestra20David Matthews
Three Schubert Songs2013baritone and strings10David Matthews, Franz Schubert
Rheinlegendchen2013baritone and stringsDavid Matthews, Gustav Mahler
Vier Ernste Gesänge2013baritone and stringsc.18David Matthews, Johannes Brahms
Double Concerto2013violin, viola and string orchestra20David Matthews
Skies Now Are Skies2013tenor and string orchestra18David Matthews
Four Portraits for Piano2013solo piano14David Matthews
Four Wolf Songs2013baritone and strings12David Matthews, Hugo Wolf
Three Dunwich Songs2013tenor and piano8David Matthews
It takes two2013Arrangement of the tango from Symphony no 4 for cello and piano3David Matthews
A Blackbird Sang2013flute and string trio12David Matthews
Tango for Counterpoise2013tenor saxophone, trumpet, violin and piano3David Matthews
Psalm 23 The Lord is my Shepherd2012SATB and strings5David Matthews
Romanza2011-12violin and piano12David Matthews
The Shorter Ring2012piano5David Matthews, Richard Wagner
Duo Sonata2012violin and cello7David Matthews
Winter Remembered2012viola and reduced strings13David Matthews
Romanza2012violin and strings12David Matthews
Fortune’s Wheel2012chorus, percussion and string orchestra15David Matthews
White Nights2012Fantasia for violin and small orchestra12David Matthews
Lebensregeln2011nine songs to words by Goethe for voice and piano13David Matthews
Horn Quintet2011horn and string quartet12David Matthews
White Nights2011flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano duet10David Matthews
String Quartet No.122011string quartet40David Matthews
Prélude à l'après-midi d'un faune2011chamber ensemble of 7 players10David Matthews, Claude A Debussy
Three Birds and a Farewell2011suite for string orchestra9David Matthews
Dark Pastoral2010cello and pianoDavid Matthews, Ralph Vaughan Williams
String Quartet2010string orchestral arrangement of the Elgar String Quartet27David Matthews, Edward Elgar
Dark Pastoral2010cello and chamber orchestra11David Matthews, Ralph Vaughan Williams
Piano Concerto2010piano and strings21David Matthews
Actaeon2010narrator and chamber ensemble of 4 players14David Matthews
The Bartered Bride Overture2010chamber ensemble of 11 players7David Matthews, Bedřich Smetana
Three Housman Songs1996-2010soprano and string quartet8David Matthews
Symphony No.72010orchestra20David Matthews
Love Songs2009medium voice and string quintet18David Matthews, Antonín Dvořák
Love Songs2009medium voice and string orchestra18David Matthews, Antonín Dvořák
Love Songs2009high voice and string quintetc.18David Matthews, Antonín Dvořák
Fantasy on themes from Swan Lake2009violin and orchestra9David Matthews, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Love Songs2019high voice and string orchestra18David Matthews, Antonín Dvořák
On an Overgrown Path2008arrangement for chamber orchestra27David Matthews, Leoš Janáček
Ständchen2008arrangement of Schubert's song Ständchen for voice, female chorus and orchestra5David Matthews, Franz Schubert
All will grow great and powerful again2008voice and piano trio4David Matthews
Cavatina2008for string quartet6David Matthews
The Key of the Kingdom2008SATB chorus and organ7David Matthews
Plover's Peak2008voice and piano3David Matthews
Journeying Songs2008three pieces for solo cello18David Matthews
String Quartet No.112008string quartet23David Matthews
Adonis2007violin and piano12David Matthews
Goodnight Song2007string orchestra5David Matthews
Two Dionysus Dithyrambs2004/7piano7David Matthews
One Foot in Eden2007high voice and piano quintet20David Matthews
Symphony No.62007orchestra35David Matthews
Owen Wingrave (Chamber Reduction)2007Reduced orchestration106David Matthews, Benjamin Britten
Piano Concerto2006arranged for marimba and orchestra32David Matthews, Robert Schumann
Darkness Draws In2006solo viola4David Matthews
It takes two2006arrangement of the tango from Symphony No.4 for violin and piano3David Matthews
Fanfares and Flowers2006wind orchestra6David Matthews
Terrible Beauty2006mezzo-soprano and chamber ensemble of 7 players16David Matthews
Movement of Autumn2005soprano and chamber orchestra22David Matthews
Two Choruses from 'For the Time Being'2005unaccompanied SATB6David Matthews
Voyages2005baritone and piano quartet25David Matthews
Piano Trio No.32005piano trio15David Matthews
Six Songs2005for medium voice and chamber ensemble20David Matthews, Johannes Brahms
Sonata for Strings2005string orchestra29David Matthews, Malcolm Arnold
Little Threnody, A2004solo bassoon4David Matthews
Aequam memento2004SATB chorus7David Matthews
Four Australian Birds2004solo violin9David Matthews
Piano Quintet2004piano quintet24David Matthews
Little Serenade2004string quartet3David Matthews
The Maiden and the Nightingale2003orchestra6David Matthews, Enrique Granados
String Trio No.22003string trio11David Matthews
L'invitation au voyage2003soprano and piano quartet15David Matthews
Total Tango2003string orchestra5David Matthews
Congress of Passions, A2003medium voice, oboe and strings (43221)9David Matthews
Psalm 23 The Lord is my Shepherd2003SATB chorus and organ5David Matthews
Winter Remembered2003viola and piano14David Matthews
For A Wine Festival2003soprano and piano3David Matthews
Concerto in Azzurro2002cello and orchestra21David Matthews
Fifteen Fugues2002solo violin45David Matthews
Congress of Passions, A2001medium voice, oboe and strings (44321)9David Matthews
Aubade2001chamber orchestra11David Matthews
Winter Remembered2001viola and strings14David Matthews
After Sunrise2001chamber orchestra9David Matthews
String Quartet No.102001string quartet11David Matthews
Band of Angels2001organ5David Matthews
Invocation2001organDavid Matthews
Tango Flageoletto2000cello and piano2David Matthews
Fall Dances2000string orchestra12David Matthews
Three Roman Miniatures2000solo clarinet5David Matthews
String Quartet No.92000string quartet22David Matthews
Two Pieces for Strings2000string orchestra20David Matthews
Introit2000two trumpets and strings (reduced string version)David Matthews
Symphony No.51999orchestrac.22David Matthews
Ricercar a 61999Bach, arranged by David Matthews for wind nonet6David Matthews, Johann Sebastian Bach
Eight Duos1999two violins15David Matthews
Symphony No.51999chamber orchestrac.22David Matthews
Winter Passions1999voice and chamber ensemble of 5 players12David Matthews
The Book of Hours1999mezzo soprano and piano13David Matthews
Thirty to Tango1999arrangement of the Tango movement from Symphony No.4 for symphonic wind band3David Matthews
Winter Journey1999solo viola14David Matthews
Y Deryn Du (The Blackbird)1998piano quartet2David Matthews
Violin Concerto No.21998violin and chamber ensemble18David Matthews
String Quartet No.81998string quartet18David Matthews
Burnham Wick1997chamber orchestra15David Matthews
Variations for Piano1997piano16David Matthews
Hurrahing in Harvest1997six solo SSATBarB voices, or chorus6David Matthews
dancing1997orchestra8David Matthews, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Im Dorfe1997string quartet4David Matthews, Franz Schubert
Little Chaconne1996string orchestra10David Matthews
Montana Taylor's Blues1996violin and piano5David Matthews
Montana Taylor's Blues1996oboe and piano5David Matthews
Loveliest of Trees1996soprano and string quartet3David Matthews
Vision and a Journey, A1996symphonic fantasy for orchestra22David Matthews
Song and Dance Sketchbook, A1994-96chamber orchestra15David Matthews
Song and Dance Sketchbook, A1995piano quartet15David Matthews
Spell of Sleep (baritone)1995An arrangement of a movement from the song cycle The Golden Kingdom for baritone, clarinet and piano6David Matthews
Moments of Vision1995SATB divisi6David Matthews
Sinfonia1995-2016chamber orchestra8David Matthews
Adagio for String Orchestra1994string orchestra8David Matthews
String Quartet No.71994tenor and string quartet18David Matthews
Congress of Passions, A1994medium voice, oboe and piano9David Matthews
Piano Trio No.21994piano trio20David Matthews
Vespers1994mezzo soprano and tenor soli, SATB chorus and orchestra45David Matthews
Little Threnody, A1993cor anglais4David Matthews
Four to Tango1993arrangement of the Tango movement from Symphony No.4 for chamber ensemble of 4 players3David Matthews
Five to Tango1993arrangement of the Tango movement from Symphony No.4 for chamber ensemble of 5 players3David Matthews
Winter Journey1993solo violinc.14David Matthews
Long Lion Days1993cello and piano6David Matthews
One to Tango1993piano3David Matthews
The Sleeping Lord1992soprano and chamber ensemble of 7 players14David Matthews
Spell of Sleep1992Arrangement of a movement from the The Golden Kingdom for soprano and chamber ensemble of 5 players6David Matthews
Oboe Concerto1992oboe and orchestra17David Matthews
From Sea to Sky1992overture for small orchestra4David Matthews
Three to Tango1991arrangement of the Tango movement from Symphony No.4 for piano trio3David Matthews
From Coastal Stations1991six songs for medium voice and piano14David Matthews
String Quartet No.61991string quartet14David Matthews
Capriccio19912 horns and strings10David Matthews
The Music of Dawn1990large orchestra30David Matthews
Romanza1990cello and chamber orchestra12David Matthews
Scherzo Capriccioso1990orchestra8David Matthews
Symphony No.41990chamber orchestra25David Matthews
Fanfare for the Queen Mother1990unaccompanied double SATB chorus2David Matthews
Adagio for String Quartet1990string quartet8David Matthews
String Trio No.11989string trio11David Matthews
Sonata for Piano1989solo piano15David Matthews
The Ship of Death1989unaccompanied double SATB chorus15David Matthews
The Seasons1989orchestra50David Matthews, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
Cantiga1988soprano and chamber orchestra24David Matthews
Marina1988baritone, basset horn, viola and piano10David Matthews
The Flaying of Marsyas1987concertino for oboe and string quartet18David Matthews
Chaconne1987orchestra21David Matthews
Andante from String Sextet in B flat Op 181987string orchestra9David Matthews, Johannes Brahms
Suite from A Village Romeo & Juliet1987orchestra26David Matthews, Frederick Delius
Vers la flamme1986large orchestra6David Matthews, Alexander Scriabin
Aria1986violin and piano11David Matthews
Variations for Strings1986string orchestra16David Matthews
Symphony No.31985orchestra20David Matthews
In the Dark Time1985symphonic poem for large orchestra29David Matthews
Three Studies1985solo violin9David Matthews
The Croquet Waltz1985chamber ensemble of 11 players5David Matthews, Peter Sculthorpe
String Quartet No.51984string quartet19David Matthews
Clarinet Quartet1984clarinet, violin, viola, cello15David Matthews
The Golden Kingdom1983song cycle for high voice and piano20David Matthews
Piano Trio No.11983piano trio23David Matthews
Violin Concerto No.11982violin and orchestra24David Matthews
Introit1981two trumpets and stringsDavid Matthews
String Quartet No.41981string quartet30David Matthews
String Quartet No.11980string quartet25David Matthews
The Company of Lovers1980unaccompanied SATB chorus15David Matthews
Small Town1980string quartet7David Matthews, Peter Sculthorpe
The Stars Turn1979unaccompanied AATbrtbrtB chorus5David Matthews, Peter Sculthorpe
Symphony No.21979orchestra35David Matthews
String Quartet No.31978string quartet19David Matthews
Symphony No.11978orchestra20David Matthews
String Quartet No.21976string quartet16David Matthews
Paul Bunyan1976operetta in 2 acts, based on the story of the American folkhero Paul Bunyan - version for two pianos and percussion114David Matthews, Benjamin Britten
Three Songs1971soprano and orchestra18David Matthews
Stars1970SATB chorus and orchestrac.6David Matthews
Christ is Born of Maiden Fair1968carol for unaccompanied SATB chorus3David Matthews
Sospiri2021arranged by David Matthews for string quintet or string orchestra5David Matthews, Edward Elgar
Concerto in F sharp minor1897 arr. 2024piano and string quintet27David Matthews, Alexander Scriabin
Far in a Western Brooklandsoprano and string quartet3David Matthews