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Title Year Description Duration Composer
The Ice Core Sample Says2024mezzo-soprano and piano10 1/2Tansy Davies
Canopies of Liquid Light2023chamber ensemble of 16 players and fixed audio24Tansy Davies
glider2022bass clarinet and chamber ensemble of 7 players9Tansy Davies
gem2022solo cello4Tansy Davies
proem2022solo cello2Tansy Davies
Stone Codes2022solo percussion and chamber ensemble of 14 players18Tansy Davies
Lullaby2022mezzo-soprano and chamber ensembleTansy Davies
Monolith: I Extend My Arms2021strings and percussion17Tansy Davies
Yoik II2021solo flute7Tansy Davies
Grand Mutation2020violin, horn, piano13Tansy Davies
Nightingales: Ultra-Deep Field2020string quartet17Tansy Davies
Yoik2020one or more hornsTansy Davies
Lullaby2019mezzo-soprano, tenor and pianoc.4 1/2Tansy Davies
Soul Canoe2019chamber ensemble of 10 playersc.20Tansy Davies
Plumes2019chamber orchestra5Tansy Davies
The rule is love2019a song cycle for contralto and chamber ensemble of 5/6 players10Tansy Davies
What Did We See?2018orchestrac.25Tansy Davies
What Did We See?2018reduced-woodwind version orchestrac.25Tansy Davies
Hawk2018violin and pianoTansy Davies
Antenoux2017mixed chamber ensemble of 10 players5Tansy Davies
Dune of Footprints2017string orchestrac.15Tansy Davies
Cave2018a chamber opera in eight scenes for mezzo-soprano, tenor and ensemble with electronics60Tansy Davies
Forest2016A Concerto for Four Hornsc.20Tansy Davies
Re-greening2015large singing orchestra or large orchestra and chorus8Tansy Davies
Song of Pure Nothingness (piano version)2015mezzo-soprano or countertenor and piano13Tansy Davies
Feather and Groove2008 (rev. 2015)a work for mixed ensemble of mixed ability, for 6 to 20 players, with semi-open scoringTansy Davies
Between Worlds2014an opera90Tansy Davies
The Beginning of the World2013based on Sellinger's RoundTansy Davies
Nature2012concerto for piano and 10 players20Tansy Davies
The Second Key2011 (rev. 2016)mezzo-soprano or countertenor and mixed ensemble of 10 or more players of mixed abilityTansy Davies
Christmas Eve2011unaccompanied SATB choir6Tansy Davies
Greenhouses2011voice, alto flute, percussion and double bass3Tansy Davies
Aquatic2011duet for cor anglais and percussion10Tansy Davies
Troubairitz2010soprano and percussion17Tansy Davies
As with Voices and with Tears2010SATB choir, strings and electronics23Tansy Davies
Wild Card2010orchestra24Tansy Davies
Forgotten Game 22009oboe and piano6Tansy Davies
This Love2009tenor and piano2 1/2Tansy Davies
Static2009tenor and piano2Tansy Davies
Destroying Beauty2008voice and piano3Tansy Davies
grind show (unplugged)2008chamber ensemble of 5 players6Tansy Davies
Forgotten Game2008solo oboe6Tansy Davies
grind show (electric)2007chamber ensemble of 5 players plus electronics6Tansy Davies
kingpin2007chamber orchestra6Tansy Davies
Falling Angel2006chamber ensemble of 17 players17Tansy Davies
Streamlines2006orchestra10Tansy Davies
Tilting2005orchestra7Tansy Davies
Dark Ground2005solo percussion8Tansy Davies
Spine200511 players9Tansy Davies
Residuum2005Two solo violins, a solo cello and strings8Tansy Davies
salt box2005chamber ensemble of 7 players11Tansy Davies
Iris2004soprano saxophone and chamber ensemble of 15 players14Tansy Davies
Make Black White2004concert of viols5Tansy Davies
Spiral House2004trumpet and orchestra22Tansy Davies
neon2004chamber ensemble of 7 players10Tansy Davies
inside out 22003chamber ensemble of 7 players6Tansy Davies
Loopholes & Lynchpins2003solo piano10Tansy Davies
Arabescos2002oboe and piano8Tansy Davies
small black stone2000viola and piano7Tansy Davies
loure2000solo violin3Tansy Davies
Undertow1999 rev. 2018chamber ensemble of 5 playersc.6Tansy Davies
Omega and the Deerballet including the works Grind Show, neon, I Walk Alone and other worksTansy Davies