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Title Year Description Duration Composer
Lady Windermere's Fan (MoMA version)2021Music to the 1925 silent film. Director: Ernst Lubitsch90Carl Davis
Psalm for Harp2020solo harp8Carl Davis
Chaplin, The Tramp2019ballet with Daniel de Andradec.110Carl Davis
The Great Gatsby [Jorden Morris Version]2019ballet120Carl Davis
Jubilee Fanfares2019orchestra3Carl Davis
The Great Gatsby: Concert Selection2020A selection of music from the ballet based on the novel by F.Scott Fitzgerald30Carl Davis
Lady Windermere's Fan (photoplay version)2018Music to the 1925 silent film. Director: Ernst Lubitsch90Carl Davis
The High Sign2017Joseph M. Schenck Productions (1921) Directors: Eddie Cline, Buster Keaton20Carl Davis
Pride and Prejudice in Words and Music2017narrator, violin and pianoCarl Davis
Alice in Winter Wonderland2016ballet for orchestra after Tchaikovsky78Carl Davis
Charlie’s Flea Circus2016alto saxophone (sopranino saxophone) and piano4-5Carl Davis
Nijinsky2015ballet2'50"Carl Davis
Why Worry?2014Hal Roach Studios (1923) Directors: Fred Newmeyer, Sam Taylor68Carl Davis
Steamboat Bill, Jr.2014Joseph M. Schenck Productions (1928) Director: Charles Reisner & Buster Keaton71Carl Davis
The Scarecrow2014Joseph M. Schenck Productions (1920) Directors: Eddie Cline, Buster Keaton19Carl Davis
The Playhouse2014Joseph M. Schenck Productions (1921) Directors: Eddie Cline, Buster Keaton22Carl Davis
Freshman, The (revised 2013)1998/rev.2013The Harold Lloyd Corporation (1925) Director: Harold Lloyd75Carl Davis
High and Dizzy2011Rolin Films (1920) Director: Hal Roach25Carl Davis
Last Train to Tomorrow2011A dramatic narrative for children’s choir, actors (or speakers) and orchestra. Based on the story of the Kindertransport45Carl Davis
Ballade for Cello and Orchestra2011orchestra and cello18Carl Davis
Battle Hymn of the Republic2008Carl Davis, null Anon
The Lady of the Camellias2008A ballet in two acts100Carl Davis
Marie Curie2008string ensemble10Carl Davis
Cranford2008-10small orchestra27Carl Davis
Cranford2007Piano3Carl Davis
The Godless Girl2006Pathé (1929) Director: Cecil B. DeMille120Carl Davis
Cadets de Gascoyne - 'Rataplan'2005orchestra5Carl Davis
Alice in Wonderland2005musical116Carl Davis
Cyrano2005ballet125Carl Davis
The Nativity Story2005narrator and orchestra13Carl Davis
Hold on!2005orchestra7Carl Davis
Swing Low2004voice and orchestra4Carl Davis
One A.M.2004Mutual (1916) Director: Charlie Chaplin25Carl Davis
The Floorwalker2004Mutual (1916) Director: Charlie Chaplin25Carl Davis
The Collection2004unaccompanied SATB chorus10Carl Davis
The Vagabond2004Mutual (1916) Director: Charlie Chaplin26Carl Davis
The Count2004Mutual (1916) Director: Charlie Chaplin24Carl Davis
The Fireman2004Mutual (1916) Director: Charlie Chaplin24Carl Davis
The Pawn Shop2004Mutual (1916) Director: Charlie Chaplin25Carl Davis
The Mermaid2003A musical based on the fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen120Carl Davis
This Little Light2003voice and orchestra3Carl Davis
The Rink2003Mutual (1916) Director: Charlie Chaplin24Carl Davis
Behind the Screen2003Mutual (1917) Director: Charlie Chaplin24Carl Davis
The Most Wonderful Birthday of All2003solo voice and orchestra in D Major5Carl Davis
Keystone Kops2002wind bandCarl Davis
Easy Street2002Mutual (1917) Director: Charlie Chaplin24Carl Davis
The Cure2001Mutual (1917) Director: Charlie Chaplin24Carl Davis
The Adventurer2000Mutual (1917) Director: Charlie Chaplin23½Carl Davis
Eastern Westerner, An2000Hal Roach Studios (1920) Director: Hal Roach27Carl Davis
Ankh Morpork Anthem1999soprano and orchestra5Carl Davis
The Tay Bridge Disaster1999Melodrama for speaker and orchestra7Carl Davis
Bal des Victimes1999Suite from Napoleon for orchestra5Carl Davis
Aladdin1999ballet in 3 acts126Carl Davis
The Iron Mask1999Elton Corporation (1929) Director: Allan Dwan103Carl Davis
Four Recollections1999string quintet10Carl Davis
Three Spirituals1998bass with piano or orchestra8Carl Davis
Three Spirituals1998mezzo-soprano with piano or orchestra8Carl Davis
On the Beach at Night Alone (Reduced Version)1998Version for baritone solo, SATB chorus and reduced orchestra7Carl Davis
The Wedding March1998Paramount (1928) Director: Erich von Stroheim111Carl Davis
On the Beach at Night Alone (Full Version)1998Baritone solo, SATB chorus and orchestra7Carl Davis
Three Spirituals1998Baritone or mezzo/contralto with piano or orchestra8Carl Davis
Theme from A Dance to the Music of Time1997Easy pianoCarl Davis
Corsican Suite1996Concert suite from the silent film Napoleon10Carl Davis
The Phantom of the Opera1996Universal (1925) Director: Rupert Julian93Carl Davis
Anne Frank Remembered - Theme1996Orchestra5Carl Davis
Scene from The Divine Woman1996MGM (1928) Director: Victor Seastrom9Carl Davis
Anne Frank Remembered - Theme1996violin and piano5Carl Davis
Duetto buffo di due gatti1996Rossini, arranged by Carl Davis soprano, mezzo-soprano and orchestra5Carl Davis, G Rossini
Oliver's Travels1995BBC | Director: Giles Foster | Producer: David CunliffeCarl Davis
Pride and Prejudice Theme1995flute and piano3Carl Davis
Pride and Prejudice Theme1995clarinet and piano3Carl Davis
Pride and Prejudice Theme1995violin and piano3Carl Davis
Waterloo1995Emelka Films (1928) Director: Karl Grune130Carl Davis
Alice in Wonderland (Ballet)1995ballet for orchestra after Tchaikovsky100Carl Davis
Pride and Prejudice Theme1995piano and small orchestra4Carl Davis
Pride and Prejudice Theme1995Piano solo3Carl Davis
Pride and Prejudice1995small orchestra16Carl Davis
Widows Peak - Suite1994chamber orchestra7Carl Davis
Elegy1994from the feature film Widow's Peak5Carl Davis
Theme from A Year in Provence1993solo pianoCarl Davis
Thatcher: The Downing Street Years1993Fine Art | Producer: Denys BlakewayCarl Davis
Savoy Suite1993Ballet for orchestra40Carl Davis
Safety Last Overture1993orchestra6Carl Davis
Wings1993Paramount (1927) Director: William A. Wellman136Carl Davis
Fame in the Twentieth Century - Theme1993Orchestra4Carl Davis
Hollywood Theme1993solo pianoCarl Davis
Paul McCartney's Liverpool Suite (Stringsets)1992string ensembleCarl Davis, Paul McCartney, McCartney
Late Starter - Theme1992Orchestra4Carl Davis
Christmas Carol Suite, A1992Suite from the ballet for orchestra15Carl Davis
Speedy1992Paramount (1928) Director: Ted Wilde87Carl Davis
A Christmas Carol (3 act version)1992Ballet for chamber orchestra90Carl Davis
It1992Famous Players/Lasky (1927) Director: Clarence Badger72Carl Davis
Paul McCartney's Liverpool Suite1992String orchestra9Carl Davis, Paul McCartney, McCartney
Kid Brother, The1992The Harold Lloyd Corporation (1927) Directors: Lewis Milestone, Ted Wilde82Carl Davis
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse1992Metro Pictures (1921) Director: Rex Ingram132Carl Davis
Raft of the Medusa, The - Suite1992orchestra11Carl Davis
The Fox Goes to Town1991Clarinet or alto saxophone or tenor saxophone and piano3Carl Davis
The Strong Man1991First National (1926) Director: Frank Capra76Carl Davis
The Immigrant1991Mutual (1917) Director: Charlie Chaplin25Carl Davis
Separate, but Equal1991orchestra6Carl Davis
The World You're Coming Into1991Soprano and small orchestra3Carl Davis, Paul McCartney, McCartney
The Raft of the Medusa1990Utopia Productions | Director/Producer: Iradj AzimiCarl Davis
A Little Hostelry from Paul McCartney's Liverpool Oratorio1990Carl Davis, Paul McCartney, McCartney
Paul McCartney's Liverpool Oratorio1990oratorio for soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, bass & boy treble, boys' choir, SATB chorus and orchestra95Carl Davis, Paul McCartney, McCartney
Duck's Diary, A1990Narrator and orchestra16Carl Davis
Landscapes1990wind band22Carl Davis
The Town Fox1990Narrator and orchestra15Carl Davis
Paul McCartney's Liverpool Suite1990orchestra9Carl Davis, Paul McCartney, McCartney
Anthem for a Nativity1990soprano solo (or semi-chorus), SATB choir and organ8Carl Davis, McCartney
Safety Last1989Hal Roach Studios (1923) Directors: Fred Newmeyer, Sam Taylor74Carl Davis
Liaisons Amoureuses1989Ballet for chamber orchestra after Offenbach35Carl Davis
Lippizaner1989Ballet for chamber orchestra40Carl Davis
Kid Auto Races in Venice1989Keystone (1914) Director: Mack SennettCarl Davis
Fragments of Isabella1989Director: Ronan O'Leary | Producers: Ronan O'Leary, Michael ScottCarl Davis
The Mysterious Lady1988MGM (1928) Director: Fred Niblo84Carl Davis
The Pigeon's Progress1988narrator and orchestra15Carl Davis
Galaxies1988Brass band8Carl Davis
Fanfare for Jerusalem1988brass ensemble1Carl Davis
Scandal - Theme1988orchestra3Carl Davis
Fanfare for a Royal Occasion1987brass ensemble1Carl Davis
Eine Kleine Bach Musik1987Orchestra4Carl Davis
Glenlivet Fireworks Music1987orchestra12Carl Davis
Simple Man, A1987Ballet for chamber orchestra50Carl Davis
One Week1987Metro (1920) Directors: Buster Keaton, Eddie Cline22Carl Davis
Ben-Hur1987MGM (1925) Director: Fred Niblo141Carl Davis
The General1987Joseph M. Schenck Productions (1927) Directors: Buster Keaton, Clyde Bruckman76Carl Davis
The First Eden1987ABC | Writer: David Attenborough | Series Producer: Andrew NealCarl Davis
Chariot Race1987Orchestra14Carl Davis
Greed1986MGM (1924) Director: Erich von Stroheim130Carl Davis
Intolerance1986Wark Producing Corporation (1916) Director: D. W. Griffiths171Carl Davis
Beginners Please1986percussion, piano and strings (student and professional players)11Carl Davis
Philharmonic Fanfare1986orchestra2Carl Davis
The Far Pavilions - Theme1986Orchestra4Carl Davis
The Holiday Fanfare1986brass ensemble2Carl Davis
The Most Wonderful Birthday of All1985solo voice, optional chorus and orchestra in C Major5Carl Davis
French Lieutenant's Woman, The - Suite1985two harps, string quartet and string orchestra16Carl Davis
The Big Parade1985MGM (1925) Director: King Vidor137Carl Davis
Fantasy for Flute1985flute and chamber orchestra17Carl Davis
The Eagle1985Art Finance Corporation (1925) Director: Clarence Brown75Carl Davis
The Day The Universe Changed1985BBC | Director: Robin Bextor | John LynchCarl Davis
Keystone Kops2001brass bandc.2Carl Davis
All Our Working Lives1984BBC | Director/Producer: Angela HoldsworthCarl Davis
The Thief of Bagdad1984Douglas Fairbanks Snr. (1924) Director: Raoul Walsh147Carl Davis
Old Heidelberg1984MGM (1927) Director: Ernst Lubitsch105Carl Davis
Our Hospitality1984Metro (1924) Director: John G. Blystone70Carl Davis
Concerto for Clarinet1984Clarinet and orchestra25Carl Davis
Woman of Affairs, A1984MGM (1928) Director: Clarence Brown80Carl Davis
Unseen Enemy, An1983American Biograph (1912) Director: D. W. Griffith16Carl Davis
The Wind1983MGM (1928) Director: Victor Seastrom80Carl Davis
Broken Blossoms1983Artcraft (1919) Director: D.W. Griffith90Carl Davis
Variations on a Polish Beggar's Song1983violin and orchestra12Carl Davis
Champions Suite1983from the feature film in four movements for orchestra12Carl Davis
Hollywood Theme1983orchestra4Carl Davis
Champions: Theme and Grand National1983orchestra6Carl Davis
Grand National1983orchestra3Carl Davis
Champions Theme1983from the feature film for orchestra3Carl Davis
La Ronde - Theme1983soprano (or solo clarinet) and string orchestra6Carl Davis
Waltz and Garden Scene1982orchestra10Carl Davis
Keystone Kops Theme1982orchestra3Carl Davis
The French Lieutenant's Woman19823Carl Davis
Flesh and the Devil1982MGM (1926) Director: Clarence Brown110Carl Davis
Show People1982MGM (1928) Director: King Vidor79Carl Davis
How to Make Movies1982First National (1918) Director: Charlie Chaplin18Carl Davis
The Crowd1981MGM (1928) Director: King Vidor103Carl Davis
World at War, The - Theme1981orchestra5Carl Davis
Overture on Australian Themes1981orchestra6Carl Davis
Nocturne1980orchestra11Carl Davis
Napoléon1980Société Générale des Films (1927) Director: Abel Gance333Carl Davis
The Eagle of Destiny1980from the silent film Napoleon for orchestra4Carl Davis
Prince Regent - Theme1979Orchestra4Carl Davis
Prince Regent1979solo pianoCarl Davis
Theme from The Mayor of Casterbridge1978solo pianoCarl Davis
Mayor of Casterbridge, The - Suite1978Viola and orchestra8Carl Davis
Wayfarers1978Viola and orchestra4Carl Davis
The Intruders1978viola and orchestra4Carl Davis
Peace1978/89An opera based on Peace by Aristophanes, with music by Carl Davis and libretto by John WellsCarl Davis
Our Mutual Friend - Theme1978string orchestra6Carl Davis
Searle Suite1974wind ensemble of 9 players14Carl Davis
Great Film & TV ThemesPiano/keyboardCarl Davis
Beggar's Opera, The (Davis version)Carl Davis, John Gay
God Save the QueenSATB chorus and orchestra1Carl Davis