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Title Year Description Duration Composer
Cirrus Light2012solo clarinet9Jonathan Harvey
Plainsongs for Peace and Light2012for sixteen voices8Jonathan Harvey
Fanfare2012clarinet in Bb and trumpet in Bb (the trumpet placed at a distance)3Jonathan Harvey
The Annunciation2011unaccompanied SSATTB choirJonathan Harvey
Weltethos2009-11speaker, large chorus, children’s choir and large orchestra90Jonathan Harvey
Little Duo2010violin and cello3Jonathan Harvey
80 Breaths for Tokyo2010orchestra18Jonathan Harvey
Vajra2009chamber ensemble of ten players7Jonathan Harvey
Sringāra Chaconne2009chamber ensemble of 15 players12Jonathan Harvey
Es Blühn Drei Rosen2009four male voices8Jonathan Harvey
Speakings2008large orchestra and electronics27Jonathan Harvey
Ah! Sun-flower2008soprano and piano2Jonathan Harvey
Cello Octet2008String ensemble (octet)7Jonathan Harvey
Sprechgesang2007oboe/cor anglais and chamber ensemble of 13 players10Jonathan Harvey
Messages2007SATB chorus and orchestra25Jonathan Harvey
Two Interludes and a Scene for an Opera2006soprano & tenor soloists, chamber ensemble of 22 players with live electronics25Jonathan Harvey
Wagner Dream2006soloists, actors, chorus and ensemble of 22 players with electronics105Jonathan Harvey
Other Presences2006trumpet and electronics10Jonathan Harvey
Body Mandala2006orchestra13Jonathan Harvey
At a Cloud Gathering2005percussion & electronics35Jonathan Harvey
...towards a pure land2005large orchestra16Jonathan Harvey
Songs and Haiku2005female voice and piano8Jonathan Harvey
Stabat Mater2004arranged for 8 voices and live electronics14Jonathan Harvey, Giovanni Pierluigi di Palestrina
Moving Speeds2004semi-improvisational piece for 14 players - 7 winds (wind and brass) & 7 stringsvariableJonathan Harvey
Climbing Frame2004about 12-15 instrumentsno fixed durationJonathan Harvey
String Trio2004violin, viola and cello15Jonathan Harvey
Run Before Lightning2004flute and piano8Jonathan Harvey
Buddhist Song No 22004mezzo-soprano and piano5Jonathan Harvey
Clarinet Trio2004violin, clarinet and piano8Jonathan Harvey
Ricercare una melodia (clarinet)2003clarinet and electronics6Jonathan Harvey
Two Interludes for an Opera2003chamber ensemble of 22 players with live electronics20Jonathan Harvey
The Royal Banners Forward Go2003unaccompanied SATB chorus4Jonathan Harvey
Remember, O Lord2003unaccompanied SATB chorus3Jonathan Harvey
Jubilus2003viola and chamber ensemble of 8 players15Jonathan Harvey
Ricercare una melodia (viola)2003viola and electronics6Jonathan Harvey
Buddhist Song No 12003mezzo-soprano and piano3Jonathan Harvey
String Quartet No.42003string quartet with live electronics36Jonathan Harvey
Pre-echo for Jean-Guihen2003solo cello3Jonathan Harvey
Songs of Li Po2002mezzo soprano, strings, percussion and harpsichord13Jonathan Harvey
Moving Trees2002chamber ensemble of 18 players6Jonathan Harvey
Chu2002soprano, clarinet and cello12Jonathan Harvey
Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis (ensemble version)2002double chorus and ensemble12Jonathan Harvey
The Summer Cloud's Awakening2001SATB choir, flute, cello and electronics32Jonathan Harvey
Bird Concerto with Pianosong2001piano, ensemble of 17 players and live electronics30Jonathan Harvey
sweet/winterhart2001SATB chorus and violin10Jonathan Harvey
Mythic Figures2001tape9Jonathan Harvey
Mothers Shall Not Cry2000soprano and tenor soloists, female semi-chorus, female chorus, orchestra and electronics37Jonathan Harvey
Vers2000piano4Jonathan Harvey
Hidden Voice 21999chamber ensemble of 12 players and CD6Jonathan Harvey
Marahi1999unaccompanied SATB chorus9Jonathan Harvey
White as Jasmine1999soprano and large orchestra14Jonathan Harvey
Death of Light / Light of Death1998chamber ensemble of 5 players after Grunewald's Crucifixion in the Issenheim Altarpiece17Jonathan Harvey
Homage to Cage, … Chopin (und Ligeti ist auch dabei)1998prepared piano and CD2Jonathan Harvey
Tranquil Abiding1998chamber orchestra14Jonathan Harvey
Calling Across Time1998chamber orchestra16Jonathan Harvey
Ashes Dance Back1997choir and electronics16Jonathan Harvey
Still1997tuba and electronics8Jonathan Harvey
Sufi Dance1997solo guitar4Jonathan Harvey
Wheel of Emptiness1997chamber ensemble of 16 players16Jonathan Harvey
Percussion Concerto1997solo percussion and orchestra23Jonathan Harvey
Haiku1997pianovariableJonathan Harvey
How could the soul not take flight1996double unaccompanied SATB chorus15Jonathan Harvey
Dum transisset sabbatum1995Motet for unaccompanied SATB chorus4Jonathan Harvey
Fanfare for Utopia1995chamber orchestra1Jonathan Harvey
Missa Brevis1995SATB unaccompanied chorus10Jonathan Harvey
Soleil Noir/Chitra1995chamber ensemble of 9 players and electronics (2 operators)15Jonathan Harvey
String Quartet No 31995string quartet16Jonathan Harvey
Hidden Voice 11995chamber ensemble of 13 players7Jonathan Harvey
ff1995piano3Jonathan Harvey
Advaya1994cello, electronic keyboard and electronics22Jonathan Harvey
Chant1994solo cello3Jonathan Harvey
Pastorale1994cello and harp3Jonathan Harvey
One Evening...1994soprano, mezzo soprano, chamber ensemble of 8 players, 2 technicians and electronics35Jonathan Harvey
Chant1994solo viola3Jonathan Harvey
Tombeau de Messiaen1994Piano and CD9Jonathan Harvey
The Angels1994unaccompanied SATB chorus4Jonathan Harvey
The Riot1993chamber ensemble of 3 players9Jonathan Harvey
Lotuses1992flute quartet17Jonathan Harvey
Scena1992violin and chamber ensemble of 9 players14Jonathan Harvey
Inquest of Love1992Opera in two acts135Jonathan Harvey
You1992soprano and chamber ensemble of 4 players2Jonathan Harvey
Fantasia1991organ10Jonathan Harvey
Serenade1991wind ensemble of 10 players10Jonathan Harvey
Praise Ye the Lord1990SATB chorus and organ4Jonathan Harvey
Ritual Melodies1990quadraphonic tape14Jonathan Harvey
Cello Concerto2005cello and orchestra with revised scoring and additional cadenza19Jonathan Harvey
String Quartet No 21989string quartet16Jonathan Harvey
Three Sketches1989solo cello8Jonathan Harvey
Thou Mastering Me God1989SATB chorus and organ6Jonathan Harvey
From Silence1988soprano, 6 players and tape21Jonathan Harvey
Valley of Aosta1988chamber ensemble of 13 players and electronics14Jonathan Harvey
Tendril1987chamber ensemble of 11 players14Jonathan Harvey
Lauds1987SATB chorus and solo cello13Jonathan Harvey
Lightness and Weight1987tuba and orchestra14Jonathan Harvey
Timepieces1987orchestra (with two conductors)15Jonathan Harvey
Madonna of Winter and Spring1986orchestra, synthesizers and electronics37Jonathan Harvey
Forms of Emptiness1986unaccompanied SATB chorus13Jonathan Harvey
God is Our Refuge1986SATB chorus and organ5Jonathan Harvey
Song Offerings1985soprano and chamber ensemble of 8 players17Jonathan Harvey
Come, Holy Ghost1984unaccompanied double SATB chorus8Jonathan Harvey
Ricercare una melodia (saxophone)1984saxophone and electronics6Jonathan Harvey
Gong-Ring1984chamber ensemble of 20 players and electronics22Jonathan Harvey
Nachtlied1984soprano, piano and pre-recorded CD (or tape)25Jonathan Harvey
Ricercare una Melodia (trumpet)1984Trumpet and electronics (or tape-delay system)6Jonathan Harvey
Ricercare una melodia (flute)1984flute and electronics6Jonathan Harvey
Ricercare una melodia (oboe)1984oboe and electronics6Jonathan Harvey
Ricercare una melodia (cello)1984cello and electronics6Jonathan Harvey
Ricercare una melodia (trombone)1984trombone and electronics6Jonathan Harvey
Nataraja1983Flute/piccolo and piano8Jonathan Harvey
Easter Orisons1983chamber orchestra19Jonathan Harvey
The Path of Devotion1983SATB chorus and small orchestra20Jonathan Harvey
Flight-Elegy1983-89violin and piano9Jonathan Harvey
Lullaby for the Unsleeping1982medium voice and piano5Jonathan Harvey
Bhakti1982chamber ensemble of 15 players and quadraphonic tape (or CD-ROM)50Jonathan Harvey
Curve with Plateaux1982solo cello12Jonathan Harvey
Concelebration1979/81chamber ensemble of 5 players16Jonathan Harvey
Whom Ye Adore1981orchestra15Jonathan Harvey
Passion and Resurrection1981church opera in twelve scenes for soloists, chorus and ensemble of 20 (or 21) players90Jonathan Harvey
Modernsky Music1981chamber ensemble of 4 players6Jonathan Harvey
Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco1980computer-manipulated concrete sounds (pre-recorded quadraphonic tape)9Jonathan Harvey
Resurrection1980double SATB chorus and organ18Jonathan Harvey
Toccata1980organ and CD6Jonathan Harvey
O Jesu Nomen Dulce1979Motet for unaccompanied SATB chorus5Jonathan Harvey
Be(com)ing1979clarinet and piano15Jonathan Harvey
Hymn1979SATB chorus and orchestra21Jonathan Harvey
Album1978Seven miniatures for wind quintet18Jonathan Harvey
Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis1978double SATB chorus and organ12Jonathan Harvey
Smiling Immortal1977chamber ensemble of 11 players and CD17Jonathan Harvey
Inner Light 21977SSATB soli, instrumental ensemble and ADAT36Jonathan Harvey
String Quartet No 11977string quartet15Jonathan Harvey
Little Concerto for Strings1961 rev. 1997string orchestra10Jonathan Harvey
Song of June1960unaccompanied SATB chorus5Jonathan Harvey
Interludes & Excerpts from 'Wagner Dream'32Jonathan Harvey
Imaginingscello and live electronicsJonathan Harvey