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Title Year Description Duration Composer
Kyrie2020soprano and tenor solos with SATB choir5Nigel Hess
Lakes of Cold Fen, The2017orchestra7Nigel Hess
Celebration Overture, A2015orchestra6Nigel Hess
Nocturne2015solo piano (left hand only or two hands)6Nigel Hess
Chansons de Normandie2014symphonic wind band4Nigel Hess
March Barnes Wallis2013symphonic wind band5Nigel Hess
March Barnes Wallis2013/arr.2014brass band5Nigel Hess
Lochnagar Suite, The2012symphonic wind band14Nigel Hess
Benedictus2009/arr.2011SSA chorus and orchestra4Nigel Hess
Christmas Overture, A (wind band)2007/arr. 2010wind band8Nigel Hess
Jubilate Deo2009SATB chorus and organ5Nigel Hess
Benedictus2009SSA chorus and piano4Nigel Hess
Shakespeare Pictures2008symphonic wind band12Nigel Hess
Christmas Overture, A2007orchestra8Nigel Hess
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra2007piano and chamber orchestra24Nigel Hess
Old Man of Lochnagar, The2007ballet in one act33Nigel Hess
Christmas Overture, A (brass band)2007/arr. 2013brass band8Nigel Hess
Old Man of Lochnagar Suite, The2007/arr.2019orchestra14Nigel Hess
Ladies in Lavender Suite2005/arr.2012violin and orchestra15Nigel Hess
Theme from Ladies in Lavender (violin and piano)2004violin and piano4Nigel Hess
Fantasy from Ladies in Lavender (violin and orchestra)2004solo violin and orchestra4Nigel Hess
Fantasy from Ladies in Lavender (violin and piano)2004violin and piano4Nigel Hess
Theme from Ladies in Lavender (cello and piano)2004cello and piano4Nigel Hess
Theme from Ladies in Lavender (clarinet and piano)2004clarinet and piano4Nigel Hess
Theme from Ladies in Lavender (violin and orchestra)2004violin and orchestra4Nigel Hess
Theme from Ladies in Lavender (wind band)2004/arr.2010symphonic wind band4Nigel Hess
TV Detectives, The2003suite for orchestra, featuring themes from the TV programmes Dangerfield, Campion, Wycliffe, Maigret & Hetty Wainthropp Investigates8Nigel Hess
New London Pictures2003symphonic wind band15Nigel Hess
Monck's March2002symphonic wind band11Nigel Hess
TV Detectives, The1998symphonic wind band8Nigel Hess
To the Stars!1996A Space Journey for symphonic wind band and children' choir10Nigel Hess
Scramble!1994Concert Overture for symphonic wind band7Nigel Hess
Feste's Songs1994voice and orchestra7Nigel Hess
Winds of Power, The1993symphonic wind band10Nigel Hess
Love's Labour's Lost1993tenor, baritone and orchestra4Nigel Hess
Stephenson's Rocket1992Concert overture for symphonic wind band7Nigel Hess
Thames Journey1991symphonic wind band10Nigel Hess
Christening and Coronation, The1991treble voice, SATB chorus and orchestra6Nigel Hess
Global Variations1990symphonic wind band9Nigel Hess
Statue, The1987solo cello, harp and strings4Nigel Hess
Willow Song, The1986soprano voice, harp, guitar, strings4Nigel Hess
Arise, My Love1986/arr.2019solo soprano, SATB chorus, solo cello, harp & strings6Nigel Hess
Arise, My Love1986soprano solo, SATB chorus, solo cello and organ6Nigel Hess
East Coast Pictures1985symphonic wind band16Nigel Hess
Catskills, The1985symphonic wind band6Nigel Hess
Shelter Island1985symphonic wind band5Nigel Hess
New York1985symphonic wind band5Nigel Hess
Come, Some Music! Come, The Recorders!1984chamber ensemble of 7 players3Nigel Hess
Entry to the Senate1983orchestra5Nigel Hess
Comedy of Errors, The1983, arr.2005suite for orchestra10Nigel Hess
Overture: Much Ado About Nothing1982orchestra4Nigel Hess
Sigh No More1982tenor voice, cello and strings3Nigel Hess
Troilus and Cressida1982orchestra9Nigel Hess
Global Variationsbrass band9Nigel Hess
Thames Journeybrass band10Nigel Hess
Catskills, Thebrass band6Nigel Hess
New Yorkbrass band5Nigel Hess
Shelter Islandbrass band5Nigel Hess
East Coast Picturesbrass band16Nigel Hess
TV Detectives, Thebrass band10Nigel Hess
Theme from Ladies in Lavender (brass band)brass bandNigel Hess