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Title Year Description Duration Composer
Dancing with Dinosaurs2023orchestra6Matthew Hindson
My Brilliant Career2023ballet in one act for orchestra46Matthew Hindson
Imposter (after Mozart)1775/arr. 2022four violins10Matthew Hindson
Sad Piano Vol. 12022solo piano58Matthew Hindson
Longing (Sad Piano No 1)2022solo piano3Matthew Hindson
Obsession (Sad Piano No 3)2022solo piano7Matthew Hindson
Resilience (Sad Piano No 4)2022solo piano7Matthew Hindson
Isolation (Sad Piano No 5)2022solo piano5Matthew Hindson
Love (Sad Piano No 6)2022solo pianoMatthew Hindson
Attraction (Sad Piano No 7)2022solo piano4Matthew Hindson
Goodbye (Sad Piano No 8)2022solo pianoMatthew Hindson
Aftermath (Sad Piano No 9)2022solo piano4Matthew Hindson
Memories (Sad Piano No 10)2022solo piano4Matthew Hindson
Innocence (Sad Piano No 11)2022solo piano4Matthew Hindson
Lullaby (Sad Piano No 12)2022solo piano4Matthew Hindson
Nostalgia (Sad Piano No 13)2022solo piano3Matthew Hindson
Comedy of Errors, A2022ballet for orchestra90Matthew Hindson
Big Steel2022orchestra10Matthew Hindson
Luminescence (Sad Piano No 2)2022solo piano7Matthew Hindson
Andante Amoroso2021violin and viola9Matthew Hindson
Heroes2020solo soprano saxophone3Matthew Hindson
Trumpet Concerto2018-20solo trumpet and chamber ensemble of 7 players16Matthew Hindson
Hey!2020solo snare drum7Matthew Hindson
da-bi-du2019unaccompanied SSATBarB voicesMatthew Hindson
Concerto for Soprano Saxophone & Orchestra2019soprano saxophone and orchestra28Matthew Hindson
Electric Rain2019SAB chorus and symphonic wind band10½Matthew Hindson
After Bach2018string quartet5Matthew Hindson
After Bach2018two baroque violins and viola da gamba5Matthew Hindson
Nothing is Forever2018string orchestra6Matthew Hindson
Violin Sonata No 1 - 'Dark Matter'2018violin and piano16Matthew Hindson
123456782018violin and cello5Matthew Hindson
Nothing is Forever2018string quartet6Matthew Hindson
Saviour of the Heathens (Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland)2017solo tenor, cello and chamber organ6Matthew Hindson
Odysseus and the Sirens2017flute and piano9Matthew Hindson
Champagne Fanfare2017/rev. 2021two flutes6Matthew Hindson
Atomic Tangerine2017string orchestra or ensemble5Matthew Hindson
Arrival2017carillon2Matthew Hindson
Lounge Music2006/arr.2017clarinet and piano7Matthew Hindson
Funeral Oration2017solo trumpet2Matthew Hindson
Celebration (String Quartet No 5)2017string quartet10Matthew Hindson
This Year's Apocalypse2016chamber ensemble of 14 players12Matthew Hindson
Bright Stars2016string orchestra of mixed abilities, with piano7Matthew Hindson
Scenes from Romeo & Juliet2016suite for saxophone quartet25Matthew Hindson
String Quartet No 42016string quartet and percussion20Matthew Hindson
Requiem for a City2015symphonic wind band17Matthew Hindson, Paul Mac
Requiem for a City (reduced, shorter version)2015/arr.2019symphonic wind band15Matthew Hindson, Paul Mac
String Quartet No 3: Ngeringa2015string quartet16Matthew Hindson
Rush1999/arr.2015piano trio9Matthew Hindson
Resonance2014installation piece for orchestra and electronics, in a non-standard space18Matthew Hindson
Returned Soldier, The: Symphony No 32014orchestra25Matthew Hindson
It is better to be feared than loved2014SATB chorus and large orchestra13Matthew Hindson
The Accelerating Hi-Hat2014solo hi-hat2Matthew Hindson
String Quartet No 22013string quartet20Matthew Hindson
Visible Weapon2013two pianos and electronics10Matthew Hindson
Repetepetition2013flute and piano3Matthew Hindson
Bright Red Overture2013orchestra, with optional didjeridu5Matthew Hindson
Repetepetition2013flute and vibraphone3Matthew Hindson
Big Bang2012two pianos7Matthew Hindson
The stars above us all2012orchestra5Matthew Hindson
Song for Sophie2012violin and piano5Matthew Hindson
Epic Diva2006/arr.2012piano quartet6Matthew Hindson
Remembering Dixie2012violin and piano (or solo violin)3Matthew Hindson
Marathon2011/arr. 2015orchestra10Matthew Hindson
Maralinga (violin & string orchestra)2009/arr. 2011solo violin and string orchestra11Matthew Hindson
Vision in Jade, A2011/rev.2020two violins3Matthew Hindson
Faster2011orchestra35Matthew Hindson
Concerto for Two Pianos2011two pianos and orchestra26Matthew Hindson
Repetepetition2004/arr.2011violin and pianoMatthew Hindson
Repetepetition2004/arr 2011soprano saxophone and piano3Matthew Hindson
Video Game Dreaming2010saxophone quartet14Matthew Hindson
Thinking About Forever2010string orchestra (55331)10Matthew Hindson
Light is both a particle and a wave2010chamber ensemble of 7 players20Matthew Hindson
Crime and Punishment2010double-bass and string orchestra10Matthew Hindson
Maralinga (vln/pno)2009violin and piano11Matthew Hindson
Monkey Music20091½-octave toy piano and cymbal monkey5Matthew Hindson
Big Heart2009string quartet2Matthew Hindson
Funeral Windows2009basset clarinet8Matthew Hindson
Septet2009chamber ensemble of 7 players8Matthew Hindson
Meccanico Agitato2009/arr.2013orchestra7Matthew Hindson
Beauty2009solo cello and chamber ensemble of 6 players6Matthew Hindson
Symphony No 2: E=mc²2009Ballet in one act for orchestra and electronics30Matthew Hindson
Mandalay2009solo violin6Matthew Hindson
Monkey Music20092-octave toy piano and cymbal monkey5Matthew Hindson
Australian Fanfare for CAS, An2009brass ensemble of 10 players3Matthew Hindson
Violin Concertino: Summer Stories2009violin and piano15Matthew Hindson
Energy2009orchestra11Matthew Hindson
Repetepetition2008solo viola3Matthew Hindson
Dangerous Creatures2008a suite for orchestra (with optional narrator)20Matthew Hindson
Basement Art Guru & other pieces2004/2008solo viola10Matthew Hindson
Dangerous Creatures (reduced orchestra)2008/arr.2019a suite for reduced orchestra (with optional narrator)22Matthew Hindson
The Metallic Violins2008violin duo8Matthew Hindson
Siegfried Interlude No. 1b2008brass ensemble and percussion4Matthew Hindson
Shakedown2008amplified shakuhachi and CD11Matthew Hindson
Flash2008arrangement for solo marimba, of Flash Madness5Matthew Hindson
Ictalurus Punctatus2008amplified cello and orchestra7Matthew Hindson
Video Game Dreaming2007clarinet quartet14Matthew Hindson
Light Music2007wind quintet12Matthew Hindson
Technologic 1 (San Francisco Ballet version)2007string orchestra4Matthew Hindson
Song of Life2007solo violin4Matthew Hindson
Kalkadungu2007didjeridu/singer/electric guitar (one player), CD playback & orchestra20Matthew Hindson, William Barton, Hindson/Barton
Lounge (from House Music)2006/arr. 2023flute and chamber orchestra6Matthew Hindson
Lament2006cello (or bassoon) and orchestra10Matthew Hindson
Spirit Song2006chamber ensemble of 5 players10Matthew Hindson
Piano Trio2006piano trio20Matthew Hindson
Infernal Machine, An2006orchestra5Matthew Hindson
Spirit Song2006orchestra10Matthew Hindson
Flash Madness2006orchestra5Matthew Hindson
19152015piano trio6Matthew Hindson
Song and Dance2006string orchestra10Matthew Hindson
House Music2006flute and orchestra25Matthew Hindson
Wallaby in my Garden, A2005unison voices and piano3Matthew Hindson
Greedy Gutsunison voices and piano2Matthew Hindson
Fruit Saladunison voices and piano3Matthew Hindson
Concerto for Percussion2005percussion and orchestra23Matthew Hindson
Didjeribluegrass2005didjeridu and string quartet8Matthew Hindson
Waiting for Rain2005Orff ensemble6Matthew Hindson
Duty Clear Before Us, A2005chamber ensemble of 6 players4Matthew Hindson
Didjeribluegrass2005didjeridu, string orchestra and percussion8Matthew Hindson
Technologic 1-22005orchestra8Matthew Hindson
Nintendo Music2005clarinet in A (or Bb) and piano6Matthew Hindson
Basement Art Guru & other pieces2004solo violin10Matthew Hindson
2 + 5 <> 62004solo violin4Matthew Hindson
Repetepetition2004solo violin3Matthew Hindson
2 + 5 <> 62004solo viola4Matthew Hindson
Auto-Electric2003orchestra5Matthew Hindson
Symphony of Modern Objects, A2003orchestra41Matthew Hindson
Industrial Night Music (String Quartet No 1)2003string quartet16Matthew Hindson
Junior String Orchestra Suite2003junior string orchestra11Matthew Hindson
Headbanger (wind band)2003wind band5Matthew Hindson
RPM (brass band)2003brass band4Matthew Hindson
Headbanger (brass band)2003brass band5Matthew Hindson
Balkan Connection2003string orchestra15Matthew Hindson
Lullaby2003string orchestra4Matthew Hindson
Granny Town2003french horn and piano3Matthew Hindson
Rave-Elation (Schindowski Mix)2003orchestra14Matthew Hindson
Granny Town2003tenor saxophone and piano3Matthew Hindson
Gentle Giant2003string orchestra (no double basses)2Matthew Hindson
RPM (wind band)2002wind band4Matthew Hindson
The Big 5-02002solo violin3Matthew Hindson
Lament2002viola and piano10Matthew Hindson
Comin' Right Atcha2002chamber ensemble of 14 players10Matthew Hindson
Rave-Elation2002orchestra8Matthew Hindson
Comin' Right Atcha2002amplified chamber ensemble of 8 players10Matthew Hindson
Baroquerie2002baroque violin and harpsichord16Matthew Hindson
Lament2002cello and piano10Matthew Hindson
Little Chrissietina's Magic Fantasy2002violin and piano5Matthew Hindson
Ellipse2002ballet to pre-existing music, choreographed by Graeme Murphy for Sydney Dance Company90Matthew Hindson
Always on Time2001violin and cello2Matthew Hindson
Home2001unaccompanied SATB chorus4Matthew Hindson
Pulse Magnet20012 pianos and 2 percussion16Matthew Hindson
Rush2001oboe and string quartet9Matthew Hindson
Concerto for Violin (Australian Postcards)2001violin and orchestra27Matthew Hindson
The Rave and the Nightingale2001string quartet and string orchestra16Matthew Hindson
Heartland2001SATB chorus and two pianos20Matthew Hindson
Headbanger2001orchestra5Matthew Hindson
My Own Personal Robot and Other Pieces2002piano10Matthew Hindson
In Memoriam: Concerto for Amplified Cello and Orchestra2000amplified cello and orchestra30Matthew Hindson
Plastic Jubilation2000Piano and CD12Matthew Hindson
The Blue Alice2000SATB chorus and orchestra6Matthew Hindson
Pi1999SATB choir and piano9Matthew Hindson
Siegfried Interlude No. 21999Wind octet4Matthew Hindson
Siegfried Interlude No. 21999soprano saxophone and piano4Matthew Hindson
Siegfried Interlude No. 21999clarinet and piano4Matthew Hindson
Siegfried Interlude No. 11999brass ensemble (and optional percussion)4Matthew Hindson
Siegfried Interlude No. 1a1999brass ensemble (and optional percussion)4Matthew Hindson
Siegfried Interlude No. 319993 percussionists4Matthew Hindson
Velvet Dreams1999SATB choir and orchestra6Matthew Hindson
Boom-Box1999orchestra4Matthew Hindson
Rush1999guitar and string quartet9Matthew Hindson
Whitewater199912 solo strings18Matthew Hindson
Technologic 1451998chamber ensemble of 13 players14Matthew Hindson
Technologic 1-21998string orchestra and percussion8Matthew Hindson
Ignition: Positive1998alto saxophone and piano6Matthew Hindson
Chrissietina's Magic Fantasy1998violin and viola9Matthew Hindson
Jungle Fever1998tenor saxophone and piano7Matthew Hindson
Jungle Fever1998cello and piano7Matthew Hindson
Love Serenade1998bassoon and piano7.5Matthew Hindson
Siegfried Interlude No. 41998eight violas4Matthew Hindson
RPM (schools version)1998orchestra (schools version)4Matthew Hindson
Night Pieces1998oboe and piano7Matthew Hindson
Night Pieces1998soprano saxophone and piano7Matthew Hindson
Ignition: Positive1998trumpet (in Bb or C) and piano6Matthew Hindson
n-trance1998solo harp6Matthew Hindson
Love Serenade1998cello and piano7Matthew Hindson
Insect Songs1998mezzo-soprano and guitar11Matthew Hindson
Technologic 1451998/arr.2015chamber orchestra13Matthew Hindson
Two Marine Portraits1997violin, viola and electronics10Matthew Hindson
GameBoy Music1997clarinet and piano5Matthew Hindson
RPM1997orchestra4Matthew Hindson
Speed1997orchestra16Matthew Hindson
LiteSPEED1997orchestra6Matthew Hindson
Techno Logic1997string quartet with optional effects pedals and CD playback, or string quartet and didjeridu25Matthew Hindson
Rave-Elation (Extended Mix)1997double chamber orchestra or large orchestra14Matthew Hindson
Lucky Seven1995ten percussionists3Matthew Hindson
DeathStench1995amplified flute, amplified clarinet and piano14Matthew Hindson
Robin Hood Variations1995junior string orchestra (with piano)10Matthew Hindson
Little Chrissietina's Magic Fantasy1994violin duo5Matthew Hindson
AK-471993piano (with optional electronic bass drum)6Matthew Hindson
Homage to Metallica1993/97orchestra with solo amplified 1/8 sized violin14Matthew Hindson
Homage to Metallica (reduced version)1993/97, rev 2012reduced orchestra with solo 1/8-sized amplified violin14Matthew Hindson
FourScore1992four solo violins4Matthew Hindson
Prelude and Estampie1986viola and piano3Matthew Hindson
Chrissietina's Magic Fantasytwo violinsMatthew Hindson
In Search of Ecstasyalto saxophone and pianoMatthew Hindson